Prince Harry, Chelsy Davy

Ben Stansall/Getty Images

It's a problem they're both used to: Prince William's megawatt smile and golden-boy looks often overshadow his more rebellious younger brother, Prince Harry.

And while the world counts down the minutes until William and Kate Middleton's April 29 wedding, Princess Diana and Prince Charles's second-born boy (who's had a history of partying until his cheeks are redder than his hair) might be finding some long-term lovin', too:

An eyewitness at London's exclusive Beaufort House tells E! that both Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy were at their establishment on Saturday night.

"They came separately," says the eyewitness. "He came with some guy friends and she came with her girlfriends. They looked like they were all having a great time."

Chelsy is wilder than Kate Middleton, for sure—she smokes and likes the club thing mucho. She and Harry were together for several years before they had a sudden break-up last November, but the royal gossip is that the young prince has finagled Chelsy an invite to his brother's wedding.

This would make a lot of sense, because, remember, Prince Harry's a pretty wild partier himself, and if he needs to behave on his big bro's big day, he at least wants someone around who he can have a good time with. Dude likes to throw 'em back, for sure—so much so, William's been worried about his hard-living brother several times in the past.

But there's something else that's a bigger—and happier—concern: many in the younger royal set expect Harry and Chelsy, who's also the complete physical antithesis to Kate, what with her curvy blonde knock-out cred—to get back together.

Maybe Harry's really ready to settle down?

While the eyewitness at Beaufort says she didn't see the ex-couple interacting very much, other reports are saying the two left the bar and restaurant together. "I heard that," says our source, "but I didn't see them leave together."

The Brit source also tells E! that neither Davy nor Prince Harry are members of the private members-only club, but informs us they must have a friend who is.

A rep for Prince Harry declined to comment on his personal life—as he's far too busy discussing that of his elder sibling.

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