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Has Shia LaBeouf been rebuffed?

After the actor's alleged Friday-night bar tussle, a source who knows him as "a regular" at Mad Bull's Tavern in L.A.'s Sherman Oaks neighborhood, where it all went down, is now guessing the hotheaded actor will never step foot inside the watering hole ever again.

In fact, according to the source, management at the establishment had previously gone as far as making a call to LaBeouf's rep to try to talk some sense into the troubled actor because of his rowdy ways.

Here's what went down...

"He's a regular," the source tells E! News of LaBeouf at the bar. "He usually comes in with 12 to 15 young, typical guys. His guys are fine, but he starts a lot of trouble."

LaBeouf's previous behavior had allegedly caused the management to reach out to the star's people.

"Of course they want celebrities coming in, but even though he may drop $1,500 in a night, the bar will lose $1,500 from other angry patrons who leave," said the source. "It wasn't good for business, so the owner talked to his rep, and the rep said it wouldn't be a problem anymore."

Apparently the talking to (if it did happen) didn't do any good because on Friday, LaBeouf was back to the bar. The trouble reportedly started when a girl asked to have her picture taken with the Transformers star.

"This girl wanted a picture with Shia, and he told her no," the source explained. "Then he was out on the patio about to leave and the girl's boyfriend made an off-color comment. He called him a 'f----t.'"

The source says LaBeouf then "got in the guy's face" and the guy punched him and "split his lip." 

"Shia tried to hit back but it didn't work," said the source. "Police across the street came over and handcuffed them both." Neither LaBeouf nor the other patron wanted to press charges, according to the source, so both were let go.

And although our insider says LaBeouf isn't "officially" banned, when you fight, you're not welcome back.

"So that's most likely what will happen to him," said the source.

An LAPD spokesperson tells E! they are unaware of the situation.

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