We totally get it now, Kristen Stewart! With our mailbox overloading with questions about what really happened between the Twilight babe and her ex BF Michael Angarano, we were just as dumbfounded as the rest of you.

Well, until we saw the trailer for Michael's upcoming movie, Ceremony, where he stars opposite the fabulous Uma Thurman.

Let's just say, he comes up a little short of fab.

He is such a nugget!

Not to sound hugely superficial, but Michael looks like he could be Uma's stuck-in-puberty stepson, and from what we saw in this trailer, it doesn't look like his acting chops will help out with that height deficiency.

The flick, which hits theaters April 8, is about a much younger man—Michael's character—crashing the wedding of a thirtysomething woman he desperately wants back. It's an affair-ridden movie that would do wonders if it wasn't for Angarano's awkwardness.

In all seriousness, what woman in her right mind would leave her exotic, accent-sporting future hubby (Lee Pace) for that childlike creeper?

We totally get that the wedding crasher role was meant to be someone a little younger, but could director Max Winkler not find hunkier and more believable other man? Like, let's say Garrett Hedlund? He rocked that cougar-loving role in Country Strong. Even James Franco would have been a better choice! We'd even buy Justin Bieber in the role, for heaven's sake, more than Angarano.  

Michael just doesn't do this sexy prewedding affair justice. Sorry, you two, we aren't buying any physical attraction in this one. Even Uma's award-winning talent can't save the amateur.  

Not to mention, that slapfest mid trailer just looks like an incestuous mother-son argument. Gross.

Oh, and at the end, when Uma tells Michael's character to stop standing on his toes, so telling! K.Stew obviously didn't like him for the way he was (and couldn't really help).

Talk about an upgrade!

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