Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men


Just yesterday, Charlie Sheen told E! News that rumors of his own conservatorship, Two and a Half Men possibly being canceled and generally being a trainwreck/porn-partying druggie were "all crap." And now his rep now tells us that the show's crew have nothing to worry about, and that whether they get paid or not is a "moot" point.

Odd, since we're told that Two's crew are acutely concerned about not being compensated while Charlie rehabs—or whatever it is he's doing—during the hit sitcom's second unplanned hiatus. Here's what else the Sheen camper had to say:

"This is a nonstory that has somehow taken on a life of its own," stated the Sheen repper. "The entire premise is moot, since Charlie is targeting being back at work in time for all contracted episodes to be produced."

Well, that time was supposed to be this week. As in three days ago. But now, it's turned into sometime at the "end of the month."

Again, we must ask: What's happening to the paychecks for the lesser-known crew members? Should they have "Charlie clauses" written into their mortgage payments, so if Sheen feels like going on a bender, they don't have to pay that month's house note?

Not a bad idea.

Also, a source outside of Sheen's camp, specifically over at Warner Bros. Television (which employs Sheen, as they film the show), says that's simply "the nature of episodic television."

In other words, if you find yourself out of work in this biz, don't sweat it. And if you do, it's your fault for signing up for the job in the first place.

However, we're also told by Warners sources that it's still being discussed as what to do for the crew members who need pay while Sheen rehabilitates himself from, well, from obviously having to deal with "crap" rumors.

We pressed the Sheen repper on the issue, how even though Sheen is expecting to fulfill his duties later this month, doesn't that still leave the team in monetary limbo?

He has not responded, as yet.

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