Teen Mom 2: What's Wrong With Corey and Leah's Baby Ali?

No clear-cut diagnosis has yet been found for Simms' daughter's developmental delays; meanwhile, her twin sister, Aleeah, is on the verge of walking

By Jennifer Arrow Feb 03, 2011 5:45 PMTags
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If you're holding your breath through every episode of MTV's Teen Mom 2, waiting for a final diagnosis explaining baby Ali's physical challenges, well, you better exhale.

Teen parent superheros Leah Messer and Corey Simms just talked to Us Weekly about their breakup, reconciliation and marriage, and they revealed that despite a battery of tests, 13-month-old Ali's developmental delays have not yet been associated with a specific malady.

They did, however, debunk some tabloid rumors about Ali's health, and reveal which grandparent always knew that these two crazy kids were getting back together:

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"Ali has had a couple of MRIs, but we still don't know anything yet," Leah reveals in this week's issue of Us Weekly (buy it for the cute pics of the family shopping at Target and to see more of Ali's adorable pink spectacles).

"She's making improvements with physical therapy," Leah said about her oldest (by one minute) daughter. "She is trying to stand up on her own, and we are so proud of her...[One tabloid's report] said she is legally blind. She's not. And no one has ever said she was or wasn't going to walk. She has not been tested for cancer or congenital heart failure."

Corey chimed in about the daughter he calls "cuddle baby," saying, "I told Leah that no matter what Ali has, no matter what is wrong, she'll live a very active life. As long as I'm able to get her out there, she'll be able to do it. Whatever she wants."

Hold on a second, guys...we're just sniffing some smelling salts to keep from swooning over Corey's absurdly awesome fathering, and then we'll be right back. OK. Deep breath. And onward:

The Simms parents also revealed that both girls are saying "mama and dada" and that Aleeah is on the verge of walking, while Ali is now successfully pulling herself up from a seated position when she's near a table or couch.

As for their marriage, Corey revealed, "My dad believed we could work it out. He would come home and be like, 'I saw your future wife today!' " Leah added that their respective parents pitch in keep the kids' marriage strong, saying, "All the grandparents get really jealous if they don't get to see the babies at least once a week, so that's me and Corey's time to go out and eat or go bowling."

As for their past estrangement, which began when new mom Leah initially favored ex-boyfriend Robbie over baby-daddy Corey, Leah revealed to Us that "[Robbie] is supposedly selling a story about me. It's definitely bulls--t...Corey and I want to move away from our hometown for a new start." 

Robbie, if you drive that family away from their hometown social support network, just because you are douche, so help us, the wrath of the Internet shall rain down on you like an asteroid attack in a bad sci-fi movie.