Halle Berry


Dear Ted:
Halle Berry got where she is because she is a master manipulator, plain and simple. I came from an abusive family and it sounds like she did, too. She should have gotten therapy a long time ago. She has taken on the aggressor role of her father. Her behavior is not appropriate. She is not "saving" her child at all. I'm not an expert, just someone who has gone to therapy and read numerous books dealing with the subject. I would recommend to Halle, It Will Never Happen to Me, by Claudia Black.
Miss P

Dear Heavy Reading:
Congrats for facing your past. The Halle stuff is pretty tricky because it sounds like both she and Gabriel Aubry are fighting dirty. Don't think either party is totally innocent, but Halle's friends certainly don't think she's totally the victim, either.

Dear Ted:
I've read that Penn Badgley and Blake Lively are awfully close again and were seen having dinner. There are some pics of them having lunch on the set together. I only trust you, Ted. So tell me what's the deal with Penn and Blake?

Dear S&D Gossiper:
You're not the only one wondering what's up, but while these two remain friends, it doesn't look like they will be reconciling anytime soon. That's not to say we don't think round 10 is somewhere in their future, but right now they are both going different directions, mainly career-wise.

Dear Ted:
Lindsay Lohan should play Lois Lane. I really think you have picked the perfect type of actress for the role. I haven't forgotten what a great actress she is, and I doubt I am alone in that thought. I think casting her would ensure a huge box office slam dunk!

Dear Talent Prevails:
There's no doubt LiLo needs to effing stay away from the drama, something that isn't possible for this chick. Glad I'm not the only one who remembers Lindsay the actress, not Lindsay the party girl, though.

Dear Ted:
I feel really sad telling you this, but the question Murph and I asked you yesterday about the Halle Berry-Gabriel Aubrey custody battle and Halle's control issues was Murph's last. He died last night in his sleep. He was 12 and a rescue greyhound. He was a loving companion. He used to enjoy sitting on the bed while I sat at my computer reading your column. So until I adopt another pet, the only questions posted will be just from me.

Dear Hang In There:
I've been there too, Liz, sending you my deepest regards.

Dear Ted:
I was just thinking about Nicole Kidman. I too had one successful pregnancy and then had a surrogate carry boy-girl twins, when I couldn't carry again. I remember she miscarried while with Tom Cruise. I am happy for her and Keith Urban and I wish them well. But my gripe is, what about Isabella and Connor? Is she in their lives at all? Last photos I saw of them together were at the AFI award show years ago. She has stated that they wanted to be in L.A. and Tom is a great dad, but give me a break. She brought them home from the hospital and she is their mom. How can she bear to be out of their lives? Any thoughts or answers on this one?

Dear Parenting Skills:
Maybe by staying out of their lives she is being the better parent? Look, very happy for Nicole and Keith and baby No. 2, but it's no secret Isabella and Connor prefer Tom. There's a reason for that. Trust, it's a two-way street there.

Dear Ted:
Everyone seems to be concerned with who the biggest diva on the Glee set is, but I'm more interested on who's the biggest sweetheart between Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera?

Dear Uh…:
Dianna. Thanks for the easiest Bitch-Back question of the day!

Dear Ted:
I guess I should narrow and fix my question from before. Why didn't Shafterella Shoshstein's ex-spouse tell the press that she cheated on him before they divorced? Since she let the press believe the divorce was entirely his fault, it would seem he should have planted info in the press about her "penis parties" and "femme friends" mentioned in your Blind Vices about Shafterella. What stopped him?

Dear Nice Guys Finish Last:
Because he messed up, too. Look, they have kids together, so, why drag it out in the press à la Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen back in the day? We think it's pretty commendable what Shafterella's ex did by staying quiet. He doesn't entirely deserve the sleazy rep he gets around this town.

Dear Ted:
Does Halle Berry have a B.V.? Is it old or new?
Penelope Cool

Dear Sweet as Pie?
No, but I sure as hell think she's about to.

Dear Ted:
Lainey said on her liveblog that "one of the big three" on the Breaking Dawn set has a tendency to get quite sulky. Indications are quite strong that it's Robert Pattinson because Lainey said that the last director "couldn't deal with his sensitivity," and we all know that David Slade and Rob didn't have the easiest relationship. Do you know about any of this?

Dear Trouble Brewing:
Think Rob gets along better with Bill Condon, but never heard of major drama that went down on Eclipse with him and Slade. He wasn't the one the suits were worried about "getting fidgety" during press.

Dear Ted: 
We know that Robert Pattinson used to get around, but I'm more worried about Kristen Stewart. Besides Rob, has Kristen hooked up with anyone else in the cast?

Dear Bluntly Asked:

Dear Ted:
King Schlong's B.V. has me intrigued (what can I say?). I have at least six guesses as to whom he may be. Can you help me narrow down my choices? While it is clear he is a stud between the sheets, is he an athlete?

Dear King of What:
Nope! Next question?

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