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According to the always highly readable but only sometimes reliable New York Post (they spell Barbra Streisand "Barbara"?), a "married actor" is waiting until after the Oscars to see if he wants to ditch his wife—or not.

Oh man, now we know how it feels to be friggin' tortured when we run one our salacious Blind Vices!

That beef aside, we're dying to find out which cheating successful star Page Six says is being so callous with his partner. Could it be...

Jeff Bridges, who's nominated as Best Actor for True Grit? Surely not. He's stuck with his handsome wife, Susan, for three decades, and by Bridges' own account, she's put up with "a lot" of his bad-boy behavior through the years, drinking too much, etc. Let's hope Jeff's not stupid enough to let such a patient (and good-looking) catch go for some young come-hither grasping thing.

Or maybe it's newly married...

Javier Bardem, who got the top Oscar acting nod for Biutiful, and who's, of course, got that gorgeous Penélope Cruz by his hunky side, not to mention their gorgeous newborn baby! Certainly Javier couldn't be freaked about by daddy-hood so soon? Not to mention with that vixen of a wife he's got at home, he'd have to be totally loco to pull something so moronic.

Perhaps it's the much older...

Geoffrey Rush, 59, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The King's Speech? Geoffrey is married for 28 years to actress Jane Menelaus, they've got kids, and he's very adept at keeping his private life private—totally weird for an Australian heavy-weight talent who already owns one Oscar as it is.

Of course, Geoffrey doesn't exactly look like that other import talent...

Colin Firth, who's also been Oscar-nominated for his glorious work in King's Speech, and whose adorable British dimples have been making us all swoon ever since movies like Bridget Jones's Diary and Love, Actually. Cutie Colin's currently hitched to producer Livia Giuggioli, with whom he has two children, and he's always going on about the lucky bitch, so, maybe it's not him?

In fact, maybe the guy's not the one who's been nominated at all—and he's just waiting for his wife to get past the Oscars, which would pretty much point to somebody like...

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty, would it not? Certainly would make sense, as Annette's a major contender for nabbing Best Actress for The Kids Are Alright. And, don't forget, something's been brewing in the Beatty household for some time now, though Annette and Warren have gone to great lengths to keep it all hush-hush. Hmm.

That would be such sad news, really, I mean, it would be like Sandra Bullock dealing with divorce right after winning for The Blind Side last year. Talk about a major downer right after a major upper.

But, on the last blinded hand, maybe it's not any of the folks mentioned above?

Who the hell is it, then?

Tell us who you think!

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