Real Housewives Catfight Has Friends Picking Sides

It’s clear who colleagues believe is right in Beverly Hills feud between Lisa Vanderpump and former houseguest Cedric Martinez

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Feb 03, 2011 3:22 PMTags
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It's been a week of he said-she said between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump and her not-so-permanent houseguest Cedric Martinez, regarding their fallout.

Lisa's husband, Ken Todd, told Us Weekly that Cedric apparently made physical threats against them, whereas in an exclusive sit down with E! News, Cedric said Lisa "turned into a bitch" and treated him like an "accessory."

Here's where friends, some former, and colleagues to both stand on the matter:

Let's just say they are all practically Team Lisa.

"We were all a little wary of Cedric's intentions from the start," confirms a very close chum of Ken and Lisa's. "Even his supposed childhood story seemed to change from person to person."

Kyle Richards, Lisa's BFF, didn't shy away from admitting that she was one of these friends on Tuesday's RHOBH reunion show.

"Cedric was lazy even when the cameras weren't rolling," explains another source who worked at one of Vanderpump's restaurants with both of them.

"Look, I met both [Lisa and Cedric] at the same time when I started working with them," adds our restaurant insider. "It's funny that Cedric says Lisa is the one who changed, because as soon as the show started getting popular it's like a switch went off in him.

"He would talk about ways to sort of stage funny moments so that he would be featured in the show more. It was clear he wanted to be famous."

Ken and Lisa told Us he wanted to be the "seventh housewife."

For the record, Cedric has "no comment" about the claims made in Us Weekly.

Both sources tell us that Martinez came to Ken and Lisa threatening to give fake information to tabloids.

This, obviously coincides with what the married couple has been saying on TV.

Such a shame! Cedric and Lisa did have some pretty funny moments on the show. But it's crazy what Hollywood can do to a person.

Whose side are you on?