Charlie Sheen's Best Friend Weighs In on Drama

Nice to know the beleaguered actor's old high school buddy Tony Todd is keeping an eye out for him; he tells E! News exclusively that Sheen is "fine and in rehab"

By Josh Grossberg, Whitney English Feb 01, 2011 10:28 PMTags
Charlie SheenAP Photo

What are pals for if not to cover for you be by your side in times of crisis?

E! News has learned that Charlie Sheen's best friend dating back to high school, Tony Todd, was with the actor when he was rushed to the hospital last week in an ambulance and treated for severe abdominal pain.

"He's fine and in rehab," Todd told E! News via email Tuesday.

Todd—not to be confused with the actor Tony Todd, who played the Candyman in the horror franchise—had previously told Entertainment Tonight that he had seen any porn stars and drugs.

Todd was the best man at Sheen's first wedding. He also lives with the Two and a Half Men star in an arrangement worthy of a Chuck Lorre sitcom.