Henry Cavill, Kristen Stewart

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After blue-eyed babe and Tudors star Henry Cavill was announced as the lead in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot, we couldn't dream of a more perfect person to play the legendary Man of Steel.

That is, until the buzz spread quickly that Kristen Stewart—who we still think makes the perfect pale, apple-biting Snow White—was reading for the role of love interest Lois Lane. Of course, it wouldn't be worth our salivating if there wasn't a Robert Pattinson connection in there somewhere, right?

Looks as if there is another Brit who wants Kristen all to himself:

Strictly cinematically speaking, of course!

Remember, Kristen's beau Rob did snatch the role of Edward Cullen from Cavill back in the day, and this potential Stewart-Cavill onscreen matchup could be fatal.

Not to mention, Kristen's in good casting company.

Dlisted reports, in a rather pissed fashion, that the director is auditioning any young and available babe out there, from Malin Akerman and Rachel McAdams to Jessica Biel and Dianna Agron

Obviously, Kristen could take on Lane's character smashingly, but does she really want to play Superman's itty-bitty, shoulder-sitting GF? True, the chick needs to move more out of the indie-flick realm—but please, not into another franchise where she's forever lovesick stuck to some dude. Babe needs to kill it in her own right.

Also, while we may absolutely adore K.Stew (duh), we think launching herself into another endless set of commercial sequels is definitely not what the Oscar ordered. Sure, if she wants to make even more money, this would be the part.

Too bad that's so not Kristen. We're crossing our fingers she picks the lead in the fairytale and poo-poos the idea of playing Clark Kent's sidekick sweetie. Her team, per usual, is tight-lipped on the latest casting rumors.

But whether the Twilight starlet lands Lois or not, one thing's for sure—she fancies R.Pattz' bloodsucking ways more than any superhero's wall-crushing strength.

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