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Dear Ted:
I want to know if you have more info on the Halle Berry-Gabriel Aubry feud. Aubry seems to be such a chill, no-problem kind of guy; I have a hard time imagining him not being a suitable father. I know Halle's had her share of men problems, but in this case, it seems that she wants to control everything. I mean, she did get him to go to Africa when she filmed there. Am I imagining things?

Dear Experienced:
Talk about out of left field. We thought these two were on good terms, post breakup, no? But Halle's rep conforms that the actress is taking legal action against Gabriel in regard to their 2-year-old daughter, Nahla. She even pulled out of her recent star-studded flick New Year's Eve, the sequel to Valentine Day, just so she could focus on the suit. Supposedly, Halle doesn't think her little girl is in good hands with Gab for extended periods of time. Who knows who's really to blame in this bitchfest of a custody battle, but Berry's serious about it. Watch your pretty-boy back, Gabe!

Dear Ted:
The Breaking Dawn drama seems nonexistent, and my theory is that when a show or franchise goes on for a while, people just start to accept that they don't like someone, but can't be bothered to fight, though at first the clashing personalities create all kinds of hot gossip for you to dish. Am I on to something here or are they just a bit more careful about leaking gossip

Dear Still Pissed:
Far more careful, yes, and as I've been bitchin' about for the past few weeks, that Breaking Dawn set is on massive lockdown, even locals won't dish out the slightest bit of juice. But you bring about an excellent point. Maybe everyone is just getting along so well there is nothing to dish about? Maybe Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson are actually giggling and grabbing some Louisiana jumbo with K. Stew. Jokes, jokes! There is always something brewing with all those vamps. We're just waiting and wishing on it to be too good. Be patient. It will come.

Dear Ted:
You said something in a previous column about Rob's acting abilities being unproven. Have you seen the film Little Ashes? R.Pattz plays Salvador Dali, who has a close friendship and unrequited love affair with the Spanish poet Lorca. It's based on real-life stuff, journals and letters. Pattinson does an excellent job (that's actually partly why I saw it, to see if he could act), and the actor playing Lorca gave a great performance as well. Just thought you (and Team Truth) might be interested.

Dear R.Pattz Rat:
Can't say I've seen it, but thanks for the recommendation—will put it at the top of my list. Here's to hoping he makes waves in Water for Elephants.

Dear Ted:
Any truth to the rumors of Emma Watson starring opposite Taylor Lautner in Incarceron and, if so, what do you think of them working together? Also, any news on The Hunger Games movie? So far, I hate all the rumored options for the stars and hope they think outside the box in casting. Thanks!

Dear Duh:
This is no rumor. These two are definitely working together on this flick, and we are super stoked for it. Not only would they look absolutely adorable together, but their parts in the film are perfect for the Twilight and Harry Potter alums. 

Dear Ted:
You always say that there are some shady things on the Glee set and people keep pointing the finger at Lea Michele and Naya Rivera. (Even though I think Lea has every right to be a little bit of a diva. Love her. Naya however just rubs me the wrong way). But what about their BFF counterparts, the gorgeous and, I'm biased but, perfect Dianna Agron and the amazing Heather Morris? Please tell me they are just as sweet and awesome as they seem.
Agron Stan

Dear Gleeful Gal:
They are all too sweet to sweat about, save one. Any guesses who?

Dear Ted:
I'm a happy girl, right now. Why? Henry Cavill, the new Superman, of course! Have you taken a closer look at him? He is gorgeous to-live-for, as you say. I think he was the perfect choice to play the man of steel, but I'm curious, what do you think of him?

Dear Cavill to the Rescue:
Muscular, scruffy, rough around the edges, perfectly curled and gelled hair, blue eyes and he's a Brit. Are you kidding? We are practically steaming in out seats. He's hot and is going to rock that roll. Can't wait!

Dear Ted:
Things are terrible between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry—though I can't help but think she's the mean one in the picture. Sure, it could all be publicity, but I think he's a great dad and she's wrong for trying to get Nahla away from him. He provides all the stability. I used to think she was one of the few "as normal as can get" in Hollywood, but now I think she's like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Am I wrong? Does she have a B.V.?

Dear Looks Could Kill:
While we totally agree that Gab seems like a doll, we can't help but wonder if that is just one tight-assed, good-looking facade? Seems like Halle is really getting the heat in this situation, and we don't know the full deets yet. Let's see if there is some dirty laundry in Gab's closet before we get to Berry-bashing. I mean, comparing her to Nicole is harsh, even in my book.

Dear Ted:
Why didn't Shafterella Shoshstein's ex-spouse (the husband before Toothy Tile) out her as a cheater, since she helped the press out him as a cheater? Was he cheating with men too and thought it would hurt his career? If it's who I think it is, it's kind of strange because he played a lot of bi and gay characters, and his career did quite well. Did Shafterella actually have sex with Tile, and who birthed Tile's kid?
Brent St. Monica 

Dear Wait, What?
You lost us at Toothy Tile. You've got your Blind Vices in a big, fat knot. Good luck with that!

Dear Ted:
Do you think Niley will go the Justin-Britney and Brad-Jennifer road and never be seen in public again and stop being friends, because there hasn't been any real news since ‘09? Do you think Britney and Justin will ever be friends again or sing together?

Dear Pass the Pup:
That Britney and Justin ship sailed long ago, hon! It's time for you to start coping. It was hard for us too, trust. Still, doubt that Niley will ever be on semi bad terms like the original Bennifer. Niley were BFFs long before they fell in puppy love.

Dear Ted:
I read a rumor about Kristen Stewart reading the Lois Lane role in Superman. Any truth on that?

Dear Stewart for Superman:
For now, this casting call is still a rumor. We doubt it all since Kristen has already been linked to starring in the new version of Snow White and such. You can't believe every script split you read about. The babe can't do it all. Even though we're sure you would all die for it if she could.

Dear Ted:
I saw it a few weeks a question about Hawaii Five-0's Aussie Alex O'Loughlin. So I've got one too: Is he single? If not, how serious are things?

Dear O'Loughlin Lovin':
A few years back the stud was dating Australian actress and singer Holly Valance—and for ages—until they split around '09. Rumor has it he is seriously dating his former Three Rivers costar (another Aussie) Amber Clayton. So, unless you're an Aussie, I think you may be out of luck.

Dear Ted:
Hearing about Nicole Kidman's use of a surrogate got me thinking. Is it common for celebrities to fake their baby bumps and actually use surrogates?

Dear Faking It:
No, only crazies pull that dumb crap. If you are going to use a surrogate then come out with it and be honest. Even Camille Grammar was honest on that front. It's not a biggie if you aren't feeling the baby bump, but don't lie—that would just be a field day for gossipmongers to bash on any celeb.

Dear Ted:
I've always loved Colin Firth, and it's great to see he is getting some love. Is he as classy as he comes across, or does he have a naughty streak (oh please oh please oh please)?

Dear Blushing Brit:
He's an amazing actor and person—we are so sure. But let's get real for a hot sec. Every Brit we've come across has some naughty in him (or her). Hello, RPattz anyone? He's a grade-A lad, but that doesn't mean he has to be completely clean. And don't forget, Colin did get a little bitchy with me right after he won his Golden Globe. Check it out below.

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