What Exactly Happened to Cyndi Lauper's Face?

Singer's rep says allergic reaction to a facial is the culprit for star's red-faced appearance

By Gina Serpe Feb 01, 2011 8:16 PMTags

Sometimes, girls just wanna have an invisibility cloak. Which is what we're guessing Cyndi Lauper was after when the paparazzi caught her red-handed faced.

The kooky and beloved singer turned up at Los Angeles International Airport this week and inadvertently allowed some not-so-true colors to shine through on her otherwise cute visage. Naturally, inquiring minds immediately demanded to know what was up.

Plastic surgery nightmare? Beauty treatment gone wrong? Allergic reaction? Here's the deal…

"She'll be fine, she was in town meeting with Mark Burnett folks and unfortunately had a bad reaction to a spa treatment while relaxing after the meeting," a rep for the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant told E! News.

The rep went on to explain that the painful-looking redness was nothing to be alarmed about, and simply the result of "a bad reaction to a facial" for the allergy-prone Lauper.

See? Nothing to worry about. Unless you're Cyndi's dermatologist, in which case, godspeed.

—Reporting by Ashley Fultz