Joe Jonas, Ashley Greene

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Ashley Greene's flawless face covers Teen Vogue this month, and the gorgeous Twilight chick openly chats about her relationship with Joe Jonas for the first time.

"We have a traveling relationship," Greene tells the girl mag. "We met through mutual friends in London...And we've already met each other's parents, which I think is a good result of the kind of lifestyle we live."

But there was one taboo topic during this sit down: Demi Lovato.

Remember, before Demi (who, by the way is looking fab now!) checked herself into a treatment center, everybody was glued to reports that Lovato allegedly got into a nasty confrontation and hurled threats toward Ash down in South America while she was visiting Joe on tour. Lovato's rep strongly denies this widely debated story.

Notes Teen Vogue: "Their alleged fight is one of the few topics that Ashley's publicist has declared to be completely off-limits."

Hey, that's what publicists are there for, right? And while Joe was initially supposed to be off limits, too, Greene had no problem going there—why we love her!

"He's sweet and really funny, which is huge for me," gushes Ash.

Any guesses as to what their favorite room in the house is to spend some free time?

Get your mind out of the gutter, it's the kitchen, obviously.

"I've got this amazing kitchen, and he's getting me into it. It's really nice and almost therapeutic; we put on music and just kind of go into this zone."

Even though Greene didn't discuss Demi, she did have this to say when asked if she has sympathy for the difficulties faced by some young, hardworking Disney actors: "Plenty of Disney kids are perfectly normal and love what they do. But you always hear about the people who aren't doing well. It's kind of like the squeaky wheel."

Hmmm. We doubt we've heard the last from the squeaky Disney set, far from it.

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