Brad Womack, the Bachelor

Edward Herrera/ABC

Apparently Brad Womack has been too busy getting therapy to do much homework on who his future wife actually may be. Take Michelle, the "hair stylist" from Utah and house nut job. Seems she's a professional actress named Michelle Money. No way, right?

What about Emily? When Brad takes the gals for a light evening at the Vegas NASCAR track, turns out it's the same track where her finace crashed, ending his driving career. Before he got killed in a plane crash. How could Brad possibly know this?

To make it up to her, the sensitive hunk spends most of the gang-date with crushed Emily. No fair, says Alli, who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bitch.


"Just because someone comes in with the worst story means she gets the most attention?!"

I mean, it's not like the last guy she was in love with died horribly in a heap of burning, twisted metal or something. Oh, right. It's exactly like that.

But still...I sat through Schindler's List! Come on!

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