Keith Olbermann

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

We learned recently that MSNBC loudmouth Keith Olbermann will no longer be counting down with us at night, but we couldn't figure out why his liberal show came to such a sudden halt. 

Though MSNBC and Olbermann are keeping all things corporate hush-hush, we can't help but wonder if this sudden halt wasn't exactly so sudden after all? 

And what's Olbermann's next move? If he can't fight the conservatives on Countdown, will he take to the U.S. Senate to make his liberal mark?

Possibly, says the latest scoop from some Potomac insiders, who tell us that Olbermann is being considered for elected office and that the silver-haired dude is indeed "interested," depending on who would "back him"—i.e., foot the bill for all those cranky commercials he'd no doubt film.

Also revealed by an MSNBC player? That Olbermann may have been counting down to the end of his show since as early as October. 

Sources reveal that he was told back in October or November that he was being fired, which, coincidentally, coincides directly with Olbermann's suspension due to his political campaign donations.

So what's poor Keith to do next?

well, current Minnesota Senator, Al Franken began his career on SNL and then became a political commentator before he ran for office. Makes sense that Olbermann may follow in his footsteps after being snuffed...

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