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Dear Ted:
All I keep reading and hearing about Charlie Sheen lately is that, aside from his tiresome antics, at the end of the day he's just a "likable guy" with some issues he needs to sort out. What I can't understand is why this "likable guy" always seems to get a free pass with you, the press and the public at large when he has a long and sordid history of violence toward women. This is a man clearly in need of reform. Why don't we hold him accountable for his actions the way we do for, say, Chris Brown or Mel Gibson? What gives?

 Dear Reality Check:
Your question requires a one-word answer: money. Bottom-line, Charlie's hit sitcom is a business, and the dude rakes in millions for the network. Sources on the set say he is also (gasp!) polite and on time for work. And we have held Sheen accountable for his actions, but I think we're in the minority there. Also, there was audio of what terrible things Gibson said and photos of the terrible things Chris did to Rihanna. Unfortunately, hard evidence speaks louder than gossip stories.

Dear Ted:
You kill me with your nuances regarding Nicole Kidman! She seems so vanilla. It is intriguing that marrying Tom Cruise afforded her the opportunity to star in dozens of flops at top dollar while Katie Holmes is a Stepford wife whose career is in the sewer. Unlike Nicole, she used to have some sparkle.

Dear Stuck in the Past:
But the real Nicole is everything but vanilla! As for Katie, she knows what she gave up marrying Tom. Think she was fine trading in her Dawson's Creek career to be an A-list wife. We just wish her career was more of a priority than buying heels for Suri. For the record, Team Truth loved D.C. And we'd like to see Katie be an actress on something other than a cursed miniseries. Maybe with something decent she used to pull, like Pieces of April.

Dear Ted:
I went and saw Country Strong today and I loved it. I was already a huge fan of Leighton Meester's but now I'm an even bigger fan. I love her. I never understood why so many people were so hot for Garrett Hedlund though. That is until I watched this movie and now I just have to say damn! The chemistry between those two was so hot and totally made the movie. I hope Leighton starts getting the props she so deserves because that girl has some talent.

Dear Lovin' Leighton:
Love Leighton. She is fab on Gossip Girl and has yet to let us down on the big screen. As to her costar, Garrett definitely intrigued us with a potential Meester romance. They did make a deliciously sexy couple as they got grabby with each other after the Globes. Think it's too soon to tell what's up with those two offscreen.

Dear Ted:
Amy Adams
seems so sweet and adorable. Does she have any Blind Vices that hide behind her "oh-so-innocent" smile?

Dear Adams Family Value:
No. Boring as toast.

Dear Ted:
Does King Schlong's main chica have a separate B.V. of her own?

Dear Two to Vice:
That would be a no. Talk about blah toast, that's King Schlong's gal.

Dear Ted:
How do you feel about Megan Fox playing Snow White? I have always thought that she would make the perfect Snow White. She has the sweet personality, perfect flawless skin, beautiful dark long hair, amazing facial structure and body. She literally looks like a real-life Snow White. I think this role would be very good for her. A very different character. So what do you say?

Dear Foxy-licious:
Sorry, girl, we are all for K.Stew taking on this role. Megan only has a hot bod to show off, while Kristen would actually bring some substance to the table. We want this Snow White to be edgy and deep, and we just don't think Megan will cut it, even though we totally heart Ms. Fox. If Kristen passes, ask us again.

Dear Ted:
If King Schlong were a beer, would he be an import or domestic?

Dear Home Turf:
Domestic. And nothing fancy like Michelob, think more Bud.

Dear Ted:
I'm confused on what you are saying about Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund. Am I to assume that nobody quite knows what is going on with them? That it's very possible they are only friends?

Dear Labels:
Look, from what we saw at the HBO afterparty these two aren't just friends. That doesn't mean they are dating, either. Look how hot these two are and how much time they spend together. We don't doubt they've had some fun. As for how serious that fun is, that remains to be seen.

Dear Ted:
Did Rachelle Lefevre and Robert Pattinson hook up during New Moon? Is that why Kristen Stewart had her fired from Eclipse, because she found out? My rescue pooch B loves Twi-gossip and really wants to know what really went down with these three.

Dear Dying for Gossip:
Plain and simple, Rachelle Lefevre was fired from Eclipse because the babe overbooked herself and jeopardized the entire crew's schedule! You've got the totally wrong triangle. The only Robsten drama during New Moon involved Nikki Reed and Michael Angarano.

Dear Ted:
I must confess I was disappointed by your "No Female Directing Love?" post. While I agree that Lisa Cholodenko did a great job with The Kids Are All Right, the biggest snub in my eyes was that Debra Granik wasn't nominated for Winter's Bone. Unfortunately, there will always be directors not nominated while their films are since the Academy allows 10 nominees for best film and only five for directing, but Granik not being up there makes my heart wince. Winter's Bone is such a great film. So how about some love for Debra?

Dear Not So All Right:
You don't have to like it, but we are standing strong next to Lisa Cholodenko. The directing in The Kids Are All Right made the film, and L.C. totally deserved a nom for her hard work. Besides, we never said Debra Granik did a poor job! We simply said the Academy needs to pay more attention to the ladies behind the camera, Granik included. Our verdict: Cholodenko was totally snubbed. 

Dear Ted:
I know this is an old one, but I think I have a question that might seal the identity of Traceless Turncoat. Does she have any kids?

Dear Old and Goodie:
Uh, not yet.

Dear Ted:
I have been checking my computer everyday hoping that some new stuff will be out from Robsten or the B.D. set. What is going on?! All has been quiet around here, and the crickets are driving me insane! When will we be getting something new to help tide us over until the Breaking Dawn trailer?!

Dear Desperate for B.D. Gossip:
Trust us, we are as fed up as you are with the fortress built around the Breaking Dawn set. That place is better at keeping secrets than the CIA. In the meantime hang tight, the second we have more Breaking Dawn gossip we will let you know. Could it be that—gasp—it's pretty friggin' drama-free down there? That's what we're hearing, which does not please us, nor, we suspect, you.

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