Bill Clinton


Is Bill Clinton in the Hangover sequel or not?

While Ed Helms recently told MTV News that he doubted the former president would appear in director Todd Phillips' follow-up...

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He told me at the SAG Awards yesterday that he didn't know. "He was there when we were in Bangkok. We'll see what happens," Helms said.

Yes, the cast did meet Clinton. "Bill Clinton is the most charismatic guy of all time," Helms said. "You understand why he gets s--t done and people respond to him."

Sounds like Clinton may have shot some sort of cameo, but until the movie is finished and on its way to the theaters, no one is going to say either way.

Until then, Helms wants y'all to know about his next movie. "The real hot button issue that you're missing," he said, "is Cedar Rapids."

The comedy, costarring Anne Heche and John C. Reilly, revolves around an insurance convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "It comes out in two weeks," Helms said. "Now it's just about getting the word out so people are aware of it."

Hope I just helped ya out there, Ed.

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