Kim Kardashian, James Cameron

Albert Michael/; Dave Longendyke/

James Cameron has only been on Twitter for about three days, but already the Oscar winner's fielding requests for starring roles. Among the first to beg for some action? Kim Kardashian!

In a tweet, Kim expresses her eagerness to pop out of the big screen: "Welcome to our twit-world @JimCameron! I'm ready for my leading role in 3D! LOL" Has Cameron found his newest star?

And while it might not have led to an Avatar 2 casting deal, Cameron lets the reality star down easy, teasing the possibility of a role for Kim in another upcoming sequel: "@JimCameron Kim, you're already in 3D! See you on #Sanctum 2" (OK, it also could have been masterful pitch of his latest flick...)

While a project with Kim appears on the back burner, the director is adamant about teaming up with Hollywood hottie Jessica Alba: "Jess, we have to do another kick butt project together soon!" Cameron produced the butt-kicking TV show Dark Angel from 2000 to 2002 that launched Alba's career.

Hmm, Jessica and Kim in Na'vi blue...we smell a blockbuster!

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