Kyle Howard, Lauren Conrad

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So True So False, STSF

The Hills are alive with the sound of gossip!

After more than two years of dating, the rumor gods decided it was high time Lauren Conrad and her beau Kyle Howard joined the race to the altar, with the New York Post claiming that the low-key, stable and all-around solid couple was not only ready to make it official but are, in fact, engaged.

Make that, secretly engaged.

Conrad has been spotted sans ring, but the Post claims that's just a diversion as the reality starlet is trying to keep her marital status a secret until she can reveal all on her new MTV show. Is it possible? Of course! Especially when you take into consideration (despite the contradiction in terms) just how private this particular reality star tends to be. But is it true? Hold onto your confidentiality agreements, 'cause this rumor is…

So false!

Or, to quote the rep of the artist formerly known as L.C., "totally false."

Turns out, the 24-year-old fashionista isn't wearing an engagement ring not because she's involved in some clandestine, tabloid-worthy cover-up affair.

She's simply not wearing an engagement ring because…she's not engaged. Go figure.

Also worth noting is that if she was to become engaged, her new reality show would be an odd place to break the news. The MTV series won't be following her daily life (à la The Hills or Laguna Beach) but instead will tag along as she prepares to launch her new fashion line.

As a single woman.

—Reporting by Whitney English

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