The most important movie of our time (apologies, Twi-hards) is upon us, and in honor of Never Say Never's ever-impending release, Justin Bieber popped up on the Today show this morning to discuss some of the more awkward aspects of growing up in the public eye.

Like, you know, puberty.

First up on the list of potentially gauche topics to discuss with a 16-year-old boy (someone was obviously feeling extra glib this morning) was the Biebs' changing voice.

Matt Lauer asked the teen superstar whether he ever worried that as his register continued to lower, it might lose its magical powers over young girls. The Biebs, to his credit, took the line of questioning in stride.

"No, I mean, my voice is definitely changing gradually," he said, adding, "It's definitely lower than it was the last time I was with you, right?"

Aw, our little Biebs is all grown up!

"I think that everybody's voice changes and it's just how you go through it...I have a great vocal coach that's helping me."

So we'll take that as a no, he's not worried in the slightest.

And since you can't have a conversation with Justin without bringing his follicles into it, the world's most famous boy bangs were of course the next topic. In particular, the panic-inducing rumors that he might (gasp!) be thinking of going for the big chop?

"No," he assured fans. "Actually, I'm just messing it up a lot. Before, usually, I had it flat, just regular shake, but I'm just messing it up right now...I'm not shaving it."

And there you have it. But just so he didn't get his serious journalist card revoked entirely, Lauer did delve into some other more somber matters—like Bieber's disappearing childhood.

However, once again, the Biebs refused to bite.

"I miss being able to just go home and relax and be with my family and just not do anything for awhile," he admitted. "But I love what I do, I love being able to put smiles on people's faces."

No problem there. Just as long as a pair of scissors never comes anywhere near that hair.

Meanwhile, Bieber also touched base with our own Ryan Seacrest while making the promotional rounds this morning, and explained what, exactly, is the deal with himself and Selena Gomez.

"Tell 'em she's one of my best friends," Bieber told Seacrest after being asked how he should explain their relationship to fans. And how did these best friends go about spending last week's date night?

"We saw No Strings Attached." Enough said, Justin. Enough said.

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