Ricky Gervais, Golden Globes

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

You all enjoy the SAG Awards? Compared to Ricky Gervais and the Golden Globes, it was a little predictable for our taste (aside from Betty White's awesome win). But we're sure the celebs felt more at ease without the provocative host.

Unless you are in The Office:

"I think he's hilarious," defended the equally hilarious Angela Kinsey today on the SAG carpet. "I think America and Hollywood needs to toughen up. We take ourselves a little too seriously."

Um, we couldn't agree more babe!

Adds A:

"I grew up overseas, my best friends are a bunch of Aussie's and we just give each other crap all day."

Fellow Office star Kate Flannery echoed similar sentiments.

"I loved him [at the Globes]. I thought he was great. He's not a nun and he's not a priest. Give me a break, that's what he's hired for. You know what you're getting!"

If you're an Office fan you know that Ricky recently made an appearance on the hit show. But it doesn't sound like that will be a regular thing.

"I think that was it," dished Kate if Ricky could possibly come back for more or hell, maybe even replace Steve Carell next season.

Either way, you can count these two as fans of Gervais.

"I think he's really let this show become whatever it's become here," Angela told us. "Just the fact he stopped by and tipped his hat is great."

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