When Giuliana Rancic caught up with Jesse Eisenberg tonight at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she got the inside scoop on how The Social Network star's surprised meeting with Mark Zuckerberg during last night's SNL monologue:

But first things first: The SAG Awards are in L.A. Wasn't Jesse just in New York?

"The show ended seven hours ago and it's a six-hour flight," the jet-setter explained. Hope Jesse was able to catch some Z's on the ride over from the East Coast.

But really, there was one question we all wanted the answer to: Was meeting Zuckerberg awkward? It wasn't as though the media mogul joyously embraced the big-screen adaptation of his life.

"No, it was wonderful," Eisenberg told us. "I was so happy that he agreed to do it. I could imagine this must be a strange experience, to have a movie made about your life."

Check out the clip to hear more from Eisenberg on meeting Zuckerberg for the first time, the efficiency of air travel and also, which old wive's tale he's singlehandedly dispelling.


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