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Modern Family beat out Glee tonight for best comedy at the SAG Awards and it seems like those two casts are always going head to head for the prize.

So are they all friendly?

Certainly Ed O'Neills maybe misconstrued comments towards Jane Lynch saying Sofia Vergara should have won the Emmy didn't help matters.

"Oh my God," Modern Family's Sarah Hyland tells us about the Ed-Jane incident…

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"That was totally blown out of proportion! They took words out of his mouth. I promise he didn't say it that way."

Continued the always gorg Sarah:

"They just put bits and pieces together it was so stupid."

Ed and Sarah are tight off set, so we're not surprised she's sticking up for him.

As for how O'Neil and Lynch are?

"They are totally fine. Everything's fine.

"Ed was just, like I wish Sofia won because she's funny too. Who doesn't wish that someone from your cast wins over someone else? Who doesn't wish that? But everyone deserves the award they are getting."

And putting the matter to rest, Hyland even says she adores Glee.

"Jane Lynch is the funniest person ever. You just always want to support your cast."

Ariel Winter, who plays Hyland's sister on the show said it's strictly a friendly competition between casts.

"We'd love to win, but you know I have so many friends on Glee. They're so amazing, they have a great show. If they win I will be equally happy."

But, as we know Modern Family beat out Glee (yay!).

"We all talk to each other, like congrats guys or hope you win or something like that."

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