As the stars piled into the Shrine Exposition Center in (rainy) downtown Los Angeles for the Screen Actor Guild Awards, they had plenty to say. Check out the best of their chats with Giuliana Rancic and Ross Mathews right here!

"I'm friends with everybody on the show, just really good friends. I hold all the girls' hands in a friendly way. I'm friends with everybody."
Glee's Chord Overstreet when asked whether he and costar Naya Rivera were perhaps more than just friends

"We're so jaded into our second year. Is Meryl Streep here? Because, if not, I just do not care."
Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson joking about how he's so "over" his second trip to the SAG Awards

"It happens so quickly that really you can't focus on anything else. Everything that's happening before the live show is about the live show."
Social Network star and recent Saturday Night Live host Jesse Eisenberg when asked if he and Mark Zuckerberg had time to chat about the flick before their appearance on the show

"Sometimes it's weird, but we try to stay out of all of that stuff. But you gotta do this [awards shows], but that's fine...once, twice, three times a year?"
Modern Family's Sarah Hyland when asked if it's weird for her and boyfriend Matt Prokop to date in the Hollywood scene

"Probably one of them is that I will go, go, go and forget to eat and then my blood sugar will drop and I'll wonder why I'm in a bad mood. That's probably his biggest pet peeve of mine."
Good Wife star Julianna Margulies when asked if her husband has any pet peeves about her

"It's actually hard to watch tv because whenever I'm looking at the TV I just keep looking at the globe, so I have to move it somewhere else, so I'm not distracted."
Glee's Chris Colfer on how difficult it is to watch TV when an award like a Golden Globe is sitting right there on your entertainment system

"It's definitely lost me more jobs than it's gotten me. Absolutely. If I told you the list of guys who I got fired because I was too tall to play opposite of…I can't do that."
Social Network star Armie Hammer when asked if his height of six feet, five inches has ever worked against him in Hollywood

"You're Spanx free...You can just be! It's really nice!"
30 Rock's Jane Krakowski, explaining why it's relaxing to be pregnant when hitting the red carpet

"My friend Laura and I have a tradition where we order take-out and sit on the couch and have, like, our own Oscar show or SAG Awards show, and this is the first year I'm missing it."
Winter's Bone star Jennifer Lawrence, apologizing to her friend for not being a part of the annual awards show festivities this year

"Who said that?! I don't have this cute little ring on my hand!"
Glee's Dianna Agron, a bit stunned to hear that she's "in a relationship"

"It's very soft to kiss a girl. Very soft."
Natalie Portman, explaining the origin of costar Mila Kunis' Black Swan nickname of "Sweet Lips"

"To Sarah Palin, you're the hottest MILF in the world!"
30 Rock's Tracy Morgan, making things right with the ex-governor of Alaska

"I don't complain that much because I've been very lucky. Sometimes I wish that I had like a size A boob, you know, go out without a bra. But it must feel so comfortable to just put a T-shirt on, or a tank top. Me, I have to strap everything in!"
Sofia Vergara, jokingly "complaining" about what she doesn't like about her body

"I can tell you that it's not as simple as Steve leaving and a new person coming in. There's going to be a lot of restructuring; you're gonna see people from the past and some new people."
—The Office's Jenna Fischer, dishing on star Steve Carell's upcoming departure from the show

"We needed to have that through the whole pregnancy. That's what it required, was a lot of faith."
Nicole Kidman, lovingly sharing why she and husband Keith Urban chose the name Faith for their daughter

"I'm cool with it. 'Justin Timberlake' is a long name. It's a long name. Call me J.T. if you like."
Justin Timberlake, explaining he understand why people would opt to go with his initials rather than take the time to say his full name

"I didn't go to the special screening on a spaceship where everybody goes to have their special screenings…Everybody knows that's what happens in Hollywood."
John Krasinski, explaining why he hasn't yet seen wife Emily Blunt's movie Gnomeo and Juliet

"As a little girl I had a shaved head and overalls on most days, so not really. I got into it more in the last 10, 12 years, and I have a lot of fun with it."
Mad Men's January Jones, revealing she wasn't always the fashionable star she is today

"I'm too old for so many things, and Superman is only one in a very long list."
Mad Men's John Hamm, sounding somewhat releived to say he won't be suiting up as the superhero any time soon

"Employment, you know, I got a job. I guess it's just what happens when you win an award."
Christian Bale, on why he was sporting a newly trimmed look at tonight's awards

"It was a new experience. When as an actor are you ever going to have that opportunity…that kind of challenge. You just aren't."
127 Hours star James Franco on why working alone, in a cave without any other actors was a challenge he really enjoyed

"Wouldn't that be nice? Oh my god, I'd love to be the creamy white center to that Oreo cookie."
Glee's Jane Lynch, hinting that she'd be very interested in having both Javier Barden and Penélope Cruz guest star on the show

"It was half fun and I just thought it would look nice, and I couldn't decide. It was indecision. And at the same time I was thinking, They're gonna rip me to shreds anyway, so I may as well make it worse."
Helena Bonham Carter, providing some insight into why she chose to wear mismatched shoes to the Golden Globe awards

"Rob is so codependent. So whichever sister's giving him the most attention, he'll go for it."
Kim Kardashian, joking about why brother Rob says she's his favorite sister right now

"I don't know because it's all happened so fast and so quickly that it's hard to process. But it's one of those things where you come off of a television show, you never really expect…this! I'm so grateful."
Mila Kunis, on how her life has changed since appearing in Black Swan

"Definitely just friends. We were laughing really hard on Monday with all of it. Don't interlock fingers with your friends. That's the moral of that story."
Glee's Naya Rivera, explaining her reaction to news that she and costar Chord Overstreet got cozy in Vegas recently

"My body is altered in some way…I am being very coy."
Hangover 2 star Ed Helms, who famously lost a tooth in the first movie, on what physical maladies happen to his character in the sequel

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