Justin Bieber,  Best Buy Commercial

Best Buy

Well, he's going to a Super Bowl commercial, anyway.

It's not like we needed another reason to tune in to the highly anticipated ads, but Justin Bieber just gave us one anyway, bringing his unstoppable hair Canadian charm to our fine American institution.

So what's the gig? And who's he pairing up with?

Bieber's gig is a midgame ad for Best Buy, costarring—ready for this one?—Ozzy Osbourne!

The ad will be the electronics chain's first-ever Super Bowl commercial, and the 30-second shot will air during the third quarter of the game.

Details are being kept under wraps, though a photo of the Biebs and Ozzy, dressed decidedly Tron-like, has been released. The shoot took place Jan. 17 at Universal Studios, and while on set Bieber tweeted out something of a tease.

"Can't really say what I'm up to today but when u guys find out its gonna be funny as heck #todaywasepic," he wrote.

Incidentally, the spot will be the first of many for Bieber and Best Buy, as he's due to appear in several more ads through the year. And as for the cost of doing business with the Biebs? No one's talking on the record, but an expert told USA Today the teen dream is likely pocketing in excess of $1 million for the gig.

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