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Dear Ted:
I like to think I'm part of the group of Twilight fans who can laugh about how ridiculous it is sometimes. I mean "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb," come on! It's cheese city, but that's why they call them guilty pleasures, right?! I was wondering about this Snow White Kristen Stewart thing, are we talking a Disney remake or a dark look at the fairy tale? I love K.Stew, but I don't see her dressing up as a princess anytime soon! Love ya boo!

Dear Prissy Princess:
Hell no, this is going to be a much edgier flick. Think Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfreid—but not as terrible looking (yes, I am judging a movie by its trailer). It's perfect edgy-but-A-list material for our real-life princess in love, Kristen.

Dear Ted:
What can you tell me about the mega-hunk I've just discovered by the name of Austin Nichols? Why isn't he a superstar? He's über hot, he can act and he's genuinely funny on his Twitter. What's his story, morning glory?
—Gabby wants to know

Dear Hottie Alert:
My, what devious taste you have. Austin is a total doll, and he isn't bad to look at, either—as you obviously noticed. Considering Austin's besties with Jake Gyllenhaal, clearly he's got a little sneak to him. Then again, those two haven't been Laker buddies or biking pals in a while. Maybe they've both more been concentrating on what it takes to be a real-deal moneyed superstar? Jake's generous with his tips, after all.

Dear Ted:
Were you as surprised as the rest of the world to hear about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's new baby? My puppy Sasha needs to know!

Dear Easy One:
No. There's not a whole lot Kidman can do to surprise me anymore. And I so mean that.

Dear Ted:
Is Sheila Slurp-Never Michelle Williams? Which would make Spike Jonze Shark Wankberg? I am horrible at guessing these but I love and so does my Havanese Rickie!

Dear Slutty Valentine:
Nope, sorry doll! But she has been a Blind Vice, just didn't count her in Thursday's mail, dammit. So make that four...and super kisses to Rickie!

Dear Ted:
Don't you think K.Stew would be great as Katniss Everdeen for the upcoming Hunger Games movies? I just finished the series and think she would be great. Thoughts?
—Brandi from Portland

Dear Tick for Tack:
No way! Sorry B, but the last thing Kristen needs to get attached to is another Twilight. Blockbuster, yes, sci-fi franchise, no.

Dear Ted:
The Oscar noms are out....What's your take on the snubs?

Dear And Action:
I think the most egregious slights were in the director category. It's tough competition this year, I get it, but come on, no gals? That's bull! Also: Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield, Aaron Eckhart. I wouldn't have minded Mila Kunis over Amy Adams. It's all about Melissa Leo, we don't need the Academy to split their Fighter votes. Also, Tilda Swinton should have gotten a nod for I Am Love (brilliant, best performance of her career) and it goes without saying Joan Rivers was totally shafted, with her right-on documentary, A Piece of Work, completely ignored.

Dear Ted:
Is Aaron Rodgers really dating Jessica Szohr? I keep hearing this rumor, and I hope that's all it is. I don't want my boy going all Hollywood on me. Also, I'd love it if you could cheer for the Packers in the Superbowl! Thanks, Ted!

Dear One For The Team:
In the process of investigating. Aaron is super Christian, like super, heart Jess but can't exactly see her putting up with a guy that's, well, kind of a prude.

Dear Ted:
You never did answer my question:) In a previous BB you referred to Nelly Fang's "missus," you didn't use the phrase "significant other" or "girlfriend". So does this mean that Nelly is a married man? My rescue mutt puppy, Bucky, wants to know.

Dear OMG:
Just for you J., how about I do a Nelly Fang Bonus Blind later today? Have some fabulous dish regarding that "missus" of his.

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