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As if the Henricksons needed any more drama in their lives, a key character is about to cause a whole mess of trouble on Big Love, as season five of HBO's polygamy drama gets under way. 

And the person causing trouble is not someone you'd think would cause the family extra headaches...

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It's the smart ones you've gotta look out for.

Trouble is a-brewin' on Big Love in the form of Cara Lynn Walker, Nicki's brilliant daughter. Cassi Thomson, who brings the lovely Cara Lynn to life, talks to us about why she'll be the cause of the drama that "most definitely" affects the entire family.

"Cara Lynn has a lot of stuff coming. She does some unexpected things," Cassi reveals to us. The reason for the unusual behavior? A lying mama! "Cara Lynn is very brilliant and she's not easily manipulated. No daughter wants to be lied to by her mom. She's just trying to adjust to this lifestyle but it's hard. She's having a lot of inner stuff going on and she's acting out in a sense."

Cassi Thomson, Big Love

Isabella Vosmikova/HBO

Oh, and she will be acting out. When we asked Cassi if there might be a possible inappropriate relationship developing with a certain teacher, she remained coy. "I think you'll just have to wait and find out. You'll know your answer within a couple episodes. You won't be on the edge of your seats for too long with that one."

In more appropriate relationship news, Cassi tells us that future episode holds the "blossoming" of her friendship with Ben (Douglas Smith). "It shows how close the two of them are," she says. And maybe something more with Don's son, Gary? "She and Gary have kind of a sparking relationship happening. It's a fun little innocent relationship."

Whatever the catalyst for all the drama in the family, Cassi can promise lots of heat. "Just expect surprises from Cara Lynn. It'll be very shocking."

Are you waiting with bated breath, Big Love fans? Or did you see trouble coming from Cara Lynn from the very beginning?

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