Give It Away Now: Kim Kardashian Says She Donates 10 Percent of Her Income to Charity

Reality star says that her donations to charity run in the millions, most going to a church in Calabasas her mom helped create

By Marianne Garvey Jan 27, 2011 8:20 PMTags
Kim KardashianJae Donnelly/

Kim Kardashian doesn't spend all her money on bling.

Following the richest Kardashian sister's revelation on Piers Morgan Tonight that she bought herself a $115,000 watch, Kim insists a much bigger chunk of her change goes to charity.

"Whatever it is, I give 10 percent away to the church," she says. "Every year, absolutely."

Ten percent of what, though?

Kim kept mum on her earnings, but she did reveal that she's donated, and will continue to donate, millions to charity.

"There's a charity that I work with a lot, The Dream Foundation, and my mom has helped create a church [in Calabasas], so we help fund that," she says.

Morgan asks Kim and sister  Kourtney, in the interview airing tonight on CNN, if they like being really rich.

"I get [what they mean] when they say more money, more problems," says Kim. "I definitely get that, but we have a great team of people that help us manage everything... [but] we just give back and try and help out any organization that's close to our heart.

"It's not just about giving away, it's about finding something you really connect with. So many people ask us to donate money, [but] some things just don't make sense to me and I don't feel connected or passionate to that certain thing. So when I find something I like, like The Dream Foundation, it makes it just so much more meaningful."

So does Kim's reality costar give away 10 percent of her money too?

"I'm going to now," Kourtney said, laughing. "I was taught that too, but I forgot." Woops.