The first promo is out for the 83rd annual Academy Awards, and we finally get to see what Oscar hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway have been working so hard on all these weeks.

Turns out, they're prepping for any—and we mean any—possible contingency...

While donning matching shirts that appropriately read "Oscar Host in Training," the two work out with Oscar statuettes as weights and even attempt to ballroom dance (we smell an opening number in the works!).

Franco, who's pulling double duty as both host and nominee at this year's ceremony, shows us that he may even have a third task up his sleeve—namely, protecting Hathaway from suffering any FCC-violating wardrobe malfunctions...even if that means causing a concussion or two along the way.

Our take? The two comically complement each other, and may just make this year's Oscars one of the most entertaining yet!

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