Jon Cryer on Working With Charlie Sheen: "The Stuff You Hear Is Unbelievable"

Two and a Half Men costar tells Conan O'Brien what it's like working on set with the walking scandal that is his costar

By Gina Serpe Jan 27, 2011 4:48 PMTags

We already know that employing Charlie Sheen causes "high levels of concern." But working alongside him? That also reaps high levels...of amusing anecdotes.

Enter Sheen's Two and a Half Men costar Jon Cryer, who took to Conan O'Brien's couch last night (misery loves company, after all) to tell the world just what it's like to share a set with good ol' Chuck.

"It's always a little weird, because the stuff you hear is just unbelievable," he said when asked about his infamously troublemaking costar. "I'm checking TMZ, just like I do every day, to know if I have to go to work at all."

"I was there once myself," Conan joked.

"There was a story, they found Charlie's car…at the bottom of a cliff," Jon said. "So, you're thinking, 'Wow, sure hope Charlie's OK.' He comes into work...You're checking for scratches. My mind had come up with this whole thing where he'd crashed the car and climbed his way back up the cliff.

"I said, 'How ya doing, man?' He said, 'I'm doing OK, except that somebody stole my car and ran it off a cliff last night.'"

There's that unbelievability he was talking about.

"And normally you would not believe that from somebody," Cryer said. "But from Charlie Sheen, you believe that. Because that happened to him. Twice. That actually happened."

And that's not all that happened. Cryer also made mention (and how could he not?) of Sheen's recent headline-grabbing trip to Las Vegas.

"Apparently he had been hanging out with a porn star of some renown who had won the 2008 Best Anal...No, if you recall, 2008, that category was very tough. A lot of the ladies were stepping it up that year, and a few of the fellas."

"I've got to cut this off," Conan said.

Something tells us Cryer's workdays are only going to get more interesting.