Khloé Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom have been pretty open about having a great sex life. But apparently Lamar has harbored some unisex aspirations, as well.

"He's always wanted a unisex fragrance!" Khloé exclusively told E! News while Lamar signed autographs at the Beverly Center Foot Locker. So, while Khloé conceptualized the chocolatey scent, Lamar was the motivation behind Unbreakable, debuting Feb. 12 at Perfumania stores—just in time for Valentine's Day, she reminded us.

"It took a long time to create what we both wanted and would wear and love, and we found the perfect one," the still-blushing bride said.  "Someone just asked me, 'What are you wearing?' and I love that I can say it's our fragrance!"

As the couple gear up for the premiere of their very own spinoff series, how is Lamar adjusting to having cameras follow him around all the time, not just when he's around his in-laws?

"We're really excited," Khloé said. "It's full-time at the house, all the time, so for Lamar it's a different experience. But I love it!"

While she said that she doesn't know what exactly will end up on the air until she sees the finished edited product, Khloé did hint about a possible storyline involving Lamar's best friend, "who kind of lives with us at the same time."

We hope it's Kobe Bryant!

And for Lamar fans, Khloé and Lamar will be an ideal way to spend more time with their favorite baller.

"You know about as much as you can about me and [my family]," Khloé said, "but it's experiencing Lamar in a different light, more in his personal life. Even following him on the road, so you get an inside light on basketball life, too."

Of course, Mrs. Odom is also hoping that Lamar gets more time in the spotlight by being voted into the NBA All-Star Game. Khloé started her own Twitter campaign for him weeks ago.

"I hope he gets all-star, he deserves it.  But either way, Lamar is an all-star to me," Khloe said.  "I'm just so happy with how he's played, winning the [FIBA World Championship] gold this summer and doing all that he's done. And if he doesn't get it, he needs the rest anyway."

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