Glee Cast, Ryan Murphy, Kings of Leon

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"No one says no to Ryan Murphy."

—On-set Glee source, when we started gabbing about Murphy's recent "f--k you" to the Kings of Leon

Remember, KOL passed (pretty nicely, mind you) on letting Lea Michele & Co. belt out "Use Somebody," saying they've never seen the show—and adding they rarely license their songs, anyway.

So can you really blame them? According to some Glee

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"There are really no hard feelings coming from the castmembers," adds our insider, who adds that it was the high-up dudes who were pissed.

It's all about ego, baby.

"Ryan has huge celebrities begging to be on the show, and even bigger musicians begging to get their songs on there. Of course, he's going to be snappy when he doesn't get his way."

Jeez, can ya really blame the rest of the cast for getting "snappy" when they don't get their way, either? And no, Lea, we're not looking at you—cross our hearts (think outside the box, readers).

Glee certainly isn't going anywhere, so take this as a not-so-subtle warning to bands who don't want to get s--t from Ryan in the press: Give him what he wants!

The Glee creator's interview with The Hollywood Reporter initially gave us the "just get over yourself" attitude, but the way Kings drummer Nathan Followill responded, telling Ryan to "get a manicure and buy a new bra" doesn't exactly entice us over to Team KOL, either.

We think these two should let it go, already. Do you?

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