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With all the ranting that's been going on over the last few days between Kings Of Leon and Glee creator Ryan Murphy, it got us thinking about some other music-related folks who don't necessarily make beautiful, well, music together.

Here are five of the most musical feuds in recent memory…

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Eminem

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1. Eminem vs. Mariah Carey: Over the years these two have traded jabs about whether they dated or didn't, but things heated up again when Mimi poked fun at the rapper by dressing up like him in the video for her 2009 hit "Obsessed." Eminem proceeded to lash back in his song "The Warning," which, in turn, caused her hubby Nick Cannon to speak his mind. Not surprisingly, Eminem then conveniently dropped Mariah's name nearly a year later on the track "Cold Wind Blows" off his most recent album Recovery.

Courtney Love, Lily Allen

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2. Courtney Love vs. Lily Allen: Fashion can sometimes make folks fierce, and we don't mean that in the Tyra Banks-inspired way, either. Take these two gals, for instance, whose feud stemmed from Love's allegations that Allen had put a "lock" on all Chanel dresses at last year's Brit Awards, thereby preventing Love from wearing one of the designer's dresses to the event. Upon hearing of the accusation, Allen confronted Love at another music shindig and told her to "shut up and stop spreading rumors about me," but calling her names and insisting on Twitter "that's pretty much it. I would never fight with her, as a rule I don't pick on crazy old ladies."

Joe Satriani, Chris Martin

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3. Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani: The Chris Martin-led group was hit with a lawsuit in 2008 by the famed guitarist who insisted the band plagiarized his 2004 instrumental track "I Just Wanna Fly" for their smash hit "Viva la Vida." Not only did Satriani desire a few bucks thrown his way, but he also wanted the band to just stop performing the song altogether. Coldplay refuted the accusation, saying any similarities were entirely coincidental. At least, Satriani was kind enough to not ruin the boys' big night at the Grammys. As much as we would have loved a big jam session showdown, the dispute was eventually resolved with an undisclosed settlement between the two parties. Yay.

Billy Corgan, Stephen Malkmus

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4. Billy Corgan vs. Pavement: Here's one that is actually a two-parter. The first part took place back in 1994 when Corgan reportedly had Pavement removed from the Lollapalooza lineup after hearing the band's song "Range Life," which takes a decidedly derisive dig at the Pumpkins. Then, just last November, Corgan resurrected the feud after learning that Pavement would be joining them at a concert in Brazil. "It's gonna be one of those New Orleans-type funerals," he tweeted. "I say that because they represent the death of the alternative dream...Funny how those who have pointed the big finger of 'sell out' are the biggest offenders now."

Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher

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5. Oasis vs. Oasis: Or, more specifically, Noel Gallagher vs. Liam Gallagher. Whether scuffling with each other or canceling mid-tour, the turbulence between the two brothers is, for better or worse, as well-known as their band's music. And while Oasis has officially split, here's hoping the boys take a cue from one of their song titles and don't look back in anger. Although, somehow we doubt it.

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