Liam Hemsworth

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Liam Hemsworth, newly 21, has been spotted bopping around Park City, Utah, hitting some of Sundance's finest bashes.

So is it true Miley Cyrus' ex is really hooking up with Lo Bosworth? The two were snuggly together a few weeks ago, and our spies over there say...

He's def been hanging solo around the slopes.

Hemsworth stopped by a gifting suite at Sundance with a hood over his head and wearing a beanie hat, to pick up two iRenew bracelets to "cure his hangover" from the previous night out.

Hey, Miles certainly has been getting her party on, so more power to ya, Liam.

Still, L.H. picked out one pink and one black iRenew bracelet, which makes us question whether or not he does in fact have a love interest back home.

Another newly single, way-hot dude also making his Sundance rounds was...

Penn Bagdley, who was seen hanging at the Variety Studio on Main Street and looking yummy in a Woolrich parka, was all work not too much play, chatting about his film Margin Call with his cast mates Simon Baker, Zachary Quinto and Stanley Tucci.

Blake Lively's ex said he had to return to New York to get back to work for Gossip Girl but was overheard talking about how much fun he had, snowboarding in particular. .

What, not cruising for babes? Totally disappointing! One dude partying it up at Sundance who is never disappointing was...

Snoop Dogg, performing his Snoop classics at the Express Rocks concert series at Harry O's. Snoop rang in Lil Jon's birthday with a cake and encouraged the entire crowd to sing for krunk master.

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