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Kelsey and Camille. Sounds like the name of Kelsey Grammer's next sitcom...or maybe a made-for-TV melodrama. And at this rate, it may never end.

A Los Angeles judge has granted a request by the Emmy-winning actor's estranged wife, Camille Grammer, asking for a delay in the couple's divorce proceedings so her lawyers can have more time to review pension information pertaining to the couple's estate.

As a result, the ruling not only puts the brakes on their divorce, but could jeopardize Grammer's planned nuptials to wife No. 4.

The former Frasier star hoped to expedite the process with his third wife and end their 13-year union so he could tie the knot next month with newly minted fiancée Kayte Walsh (yes, the man moves fast).

However, Camille's attorney, Neal Hersh, argued in Los Angeles Superior Court that his client had some pretty good reasons for a postponement, chief among them that her pension expert hadn't had enough time to look over the 55-year-old thespian's Screen Actors Guild pension and six others, of which the most hated Real Housewife of Beverly Hills will receive a portion as part of a negotiated multimillion-dollar settlement.

Another reason to slow things down was the possibility there might be a legal tussle and Camille didn't want to rush things just because of Kelsey's nuptials. Consequently, Hersh asked Judge Maren Nelson for a $10 million bond to protect the current Mrs. Grammer in case of a dispute.

"There is no question [that Kelsey] plans to remarry immediately," said the lawyer. "She shouldn't have to go into her pocketbook to fight for the estate when you know there is going to be a remarriage...with Ms. Grammer number next."

Kelsey Grammer's attorney, Lance Spiegel, fired back that the petition was "just delay for delay's sake" and "protection for protection's sake," adding that Kelsey had every intention to move forward with the wedding.

No word whether the bond was issued, but Judge Nelson scheduled the next hearing for Feb. 7, at which point the judge will likely decide on a divorce deal. In fact, Hersh told E! News after the proceedings that he expects the divorce to be finalized then.

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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