Robert Kardashian

Denise Truscello/

Listen up Rob Kardashian! There's at least one person who thinks you should accept the offer to get naked in the pages of Playgirl.

So who's the gal guy who says they wouldn't mind seeing Rob's manhood in the mag?

Read on to find out...

"I haven't spoke to him lately about showing his penis to the public, but I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy it," Scott Disick told us yesterday when he was at E! to shoot a guest gig on this week's Fashion Police. "I'd get a kick out of it,"

So does that mean Disick would be first in line to pick up a copy if Rob does decide to cash in on the adult mag's $45,000 offer?

"I'd hope he'd give me a freebie," the reality TV star said.

And he like it autographed, joked Disick. "Right over his penis."

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