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Pop firework Katy Perry plays Zoey's (Jennifer Morrison) cousin "Honey" on the Feb. 7 episode of How I Met Your Mother, and as you can see in the promo photo above, even though her character was originally billed as a love interest for Ted (Josh Radnor) it looks like she'll also be getting close to Barney (Neil Patrick Harris).

Plus, which hip-hop impresario is guesting on Hawaii Five-0? And when is that beyotch Bolivia coming back to Fringe? Find out that and more in today's TV roundup:

Hawaii Five-0: Puffy's songs and self will be featured on a spring episode of CBS' Hawaii Five-0. Yes, Sean Combs himself is set to guest on the hit detective series as "NYPD Detective Reggie Williams, who hunts the streets of Honolulu for the men responsible for a crime against his family, but his one-man war for justice sets this fellow cop on a collision course with Five-0."

• One Tree Hill: Still hanging in there with One Tree Hill after all these years? If yes, well, (1) god bless you for your stalwart devotion to that show, and (2) you'll probably want to peek at the promo pics for Julian (Austin Nichols) and Brooke's (Sophia Bush) wedding.

Fringe: The cool kids from the Other Side—Altlivia (Anna Torv), Linc (Seth Gable) and Scarlie (Kirk Acevedo)—are coming back for Fringe's Feb. 11 episode, i.e. the one airing the third Friday from now. And thank goodness, too, because we've missed Altlivia's awesome bangs! Altlivia might be kinda mean, but she sure does have awesome hair!

• Teen Mom 2: If you, like us, are devoted Corey Simms fans, don't miss this deleted scene from Teen Mom 2. Corey is still awesome (as always), but there's also a worrisome sense that his mistrust of Leah is more deep-seated than we were led to believe by the conclusion of ep three.

• Sons of AnarchySOA boss Kurt Sutter, aka husband of Golden Globe-winning actress Katey Sagal (whoo-hoo!), has taken the time to answer, via thoughtful blog post, all ya'lls Twitter and Facebook queries about how to get a job writing on his show.

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