When it comes to relationships, Kim Kardashian is the first to admit she's not at all like her sister.

"Kourtney is the most practical. I think that she, you know, I've always kind of just gone for it and made the wrong decisions," Kim tells Piers Morgan during an appearance on his CNN show airing Thursday.

"Kourtney, like, really takes her time and, you know, Scott [Disick] has stopped drinking for about a year," she adds while referring to her older sibling's baby daddy.

"I do, but, yes, it's been, like, about almost a year since Scott's cleaned himself up and I just, I don't know, I'm just kind of taking my time," says Kourtney about the fact that she's yet to take the marital plunge.

"Maybe you just need to go for it," Kim teases, prompting Morgan to playfully join in.

"If he went down on bended knee tonight, watching this and proposed, would you say "yes"? he asks.

"Yes, what would you do?" inquires a smiling Kim.

Unfortunately, all of us now have to patiently wait and watch tomorrow to hear how Kourt responds. Yeah, we know, the anticipation is killing you.

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