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Our favorite Hollywood stud, Leonardo DiCaprio, and his Inception costar and BFF Lukas Haas, were becoming well-acquainted with the Miami scene this weekend. The BFFS hit up Wall, a fancy South Beach nightclub.

The still-randy actors chilled with four friends at the club after chowing at Solea restaurant earlier in the night, but one beautiful bombshell was missing in Leo's crowd of cronies—Bar Refaeli.

Sorry though, girls, don't hold your breath for too long because:

Leo's not looking. At least not in South Beach, is what we hear.

The fab actor and his friends were pounced on by a herd of hot babes as soon as they showed their faces at dinner. Talk about a typical bienvenidos to Miami for someone as sexy as Leo!

Too bad for those chicas, Leo wasn't feelin' any of their half-naked, toned and beautiful business.  

"The girls could have been on fire and he wouldn't have done a thing," our super in-the-know source tells us.

Lucky for Bar, Leo was playing the faithful card in full force all weekend. Hmmm, wonder how often he pulls that one? But someone way more desperate for scantily (or even fully) clothed female attention was sometimes funnyman...

Andy Dick, who was spotted stumbling into AOC Wine Bar and Restaurant in L.A. Monday night, too drunk to function—shocker!

As if he hadn't already made enough of a scene, Andy supposedly started apologizing belligerently for his smell, of all things, and we're told he asked patrons what they thought of his hideous tie.

Our bar-hopping source spills that Dick then had a drink, swallowed it wrong and was coughing like crazy and begging for someone who knew the Heimlich maneuver to save his fake-choking joke of a self.  

Eventually stumbling out the same way he came in, the Dick left the building, much to everyone's delight. No broad—or dude—in sight.

Additional reporting By Ivana Dukanovic

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