Tiffany, Debbie Gibson

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Uh, woops. Tiffany has some 'splainin' to do.

The '80s pop star accidentally outed former New Kids on the Block member Jonathan Knight Thursday on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live show.

Appearing alongside fellow pop sensation Debbie Gibson to promote their Syfy movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, Tiffany said too much when host Andy Cohen asked if she'd ever romanced a NKOTB boy bander.

"The quiet one. The shy one. He became gay later," Tiffany blurted out. "I didn't do it! But he's fabulous."

Cohen, who was having fun with the interview, followed up by asking Tiffany if she "turned" Knight.

"No. See, I had issues with that. I was thinking maybe I did, but no," she said. "Now looking back to when we were dating, he was so much fun. We used to do facials together. He was so easy to talk to...And he was fabulous. He's an awesome person."

Facials? Fabulous? Oh, Tiffany.

Problem is, Knight, 42, has never publicly revealed his sexual orientation. Once she realized her gaffe, Tiffany, 39, quickly took to her Twitter page to backtrack, writing, "Really didn't know that was the wrong thing to say. Never meant to hurt Jon."

He seemed to take it lightly, replying on his own Twitter page Friday, "I'm so devastated...How can I not remember getting facials??????"

Then tweeting a direct message to Tiffany, he cut the sarcasm and said he really didn't mind. "Tiff, please don't lose any sleep over it! I know you weren't being mean and I found it to be funny! Knock em dead tomorrow! Wishing nothing but the best for you always!"

Knight was talking about the premiere of Mega Python vs. Gatoroid Ziegfeld Theater in New York last night, where the movie debuted to a packed house, all screaming and cheering during the campy fight scenes between dueling '80s singers Tiffany and Gibson and some scary (and hysterically fake) snakes and gators.

After wrestling giant reptiles, these gals deserve a visit to the spa—and maybe a facial?

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