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Dear Ted:
Have you heard anything about one of the main castmembers from Breaking Dawn having "attitude" on set and causing the wedding filming to be moved up because they are being "dismissed" by Summit early? The word is that is maybe Robert Pattinson or Nikki Reed are causing trouble in the cast again.

Dear Here We Go:
Actually, this is the first Twilight set that is pretty freaking drama-free. Nikki may not be tight with Rob or Kristen anymore, but that broad is way over the triangle, trust.

Dear Ted:
I'm worried about Jaime Pressly. Has she ever been a Blind Vice?

Dear DUI Schm-UI:
Nope, J may like her booze, but she does that in public, not in our B.V. archive.

Dear Ted:
I know you rely a lot on insiders to get some of your juicy gossip for the Blind Vices. Have you ever had a situation come up where you found out that a knowledgeable insider had been deceitful about information?

Dear Questionable:
Trust, I check out from multiple sources before printing.  

Dear Ted:
Can you remind us why you hate Cruella St. Shackles so much? I mean, she lies to the press, doesn't treat people well, has a husband who cheats...Isn't that 99 percent of Hollywood, anyway? If she is who I think she is, I have to say, I kind of like her as an actress, and I even like the way she looks.

Dear True, But...:
Usually said celeb has a redeeming quality that still makes us love them. As for Cruella? Not really. Even to those closest to her, she's a friggin' nightmare. There is nothing nice or sweet about this bitch.

Dear Ted:
Kristen Stewart nominated for a Razzie? Come on! I can understand where Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are nominated, but K.Stew? She's the one who carries the Twilight movies! No wonder she is in disgust for being cast in the films. Such an outrage! Did they choose her as a nominee solely because of her leading role status in Eclipse, also nominated for worst film?

Dear Preach It:
I hear ya, sister! Kristen's the only good thing that gets me through that crap. I haven't exactly hidden the fact I'm more into the real-life goss than the no-sex longing onscreen. Here's to Breaking Dawn!

Dear Ted:
Got anything juicy on Jared Leto? I was at a Thirty Seconds to Mars concert the other night, and he is an amazing showman, not to mention absolutely hunky. He seems like a guy that would be down for some wild, sexy fun, if the video for Hurricane is any indication. My two rescue kitties want to know if he has ever been a Vice?
Tink and Charlie

Dear Prick or Pratt:
He's a little douchey and way into himself. Him tweeting those ab photos (despite how good he looked) shows that. But anyone who can hold Cameron Diaz's attention for a while certainly deserves props.

Dear Ted:
Are you surprised by Natalie Portman's sudden pregnancy and engagement? It seems out of character for her. Or is she not as squeaky-clean as she comes off? Does this have any relation to her B.V.? I am moving to Los Angeles next week, I can't wait!

Dear Ice Queen:
Trust, this girl's only Vice is about how much of a prude she is. Correction, was. Not gonna lie, the way she started shacking up with her fiancé was a tad shady. Then again, what's to stand in the way of true love? Welcome to L.A.!

Dear Ted:
I watched the season premiere of Holly's World and realized there are a lot of similarities between Holly Madison and one of your recent Blind Vices. Could she possibly be Lucreita Johnson? I hope she isn't! I really like Holly and genuinely want her to find true love.

Dear Bad Bunny:
Not a bad, light-haired guess, hon, but Holly is Vice free.

Dear Ted:
I've fallen in love with Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund after all the reports from sources at the Golden Globes afterparty. Any more dish on these two being together?

Dear Cuddly Costars:
Trust, they certainly looked like they were more than just good buds! The two may not be dating, but they've totally hooked up. And good for them! They are hot, hot, hot.

Dear Ted:
Is it just me or does Lea Michele remind you of that other PITA, Shannon Doherty? Lea Michele needs to simmer down and check her ego at the door. She is the reason I no longer watch Glee.

Dear Out of Tune:
Oh, hon, Shan is our No. 1 fave bitch. The reason? She owns her crazy-ass antics. Lea hides it behind a high voice. But you know what? Don't care, we still heart her! Don't judge Ms. Michele too fast; there are much worse in Hollywood (and on that show). What's a few diva outbursts?

Dear Ted:
No matter what you say about Robsten the Twi-headjobs choose whatever spin they feel like. I sorely feel reading comprehension in America is on the downswing!

Dear Literacy Problem:
True that!

Dear Ted:
Didn't Butter Pussy contemplate coming out at some point? If I recall, your first Blind Vice stated this. What happened? Why did she change her mind? And do you think she'll ever come out? Also, one more question, do those in her Industry know she's gay?

Dear Indian Outter:
Yep, very true. I did think so, but not anymore. And yes, everyone in this Biz knows.

Dear Ted:
Do Nevis Divine and Barrington still hook up, or am I reading your hints wrong?

Dear Lovahs:
When they feel like it, which isn't as much as their fans seem to dread. 

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