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By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 25, 2011 1:14 AMTags
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Could a Gossip Girl star be heading to Glee? Dare we dream? And what will happen next now that the cat's out of the bag about the bambino on the way on Grey's Anatomy?

Check it out in our latest roundup of TV scoop...

Kelsey in Montana: I know that everyone wants to know about "Huddy" or Thirteen on House, but I'm a fan of Omar Epps. He needs more screen time. Anything good coming up for him?
For the back half of the season, Omar tells us that he doesn't exactly know what's in store for Dr. Foreman, but he has his theories. "I don't know if they want to go more into his personal life or something that happens at the hospital," he tells us. "That's the challenge, that's the surprising challenge that comes up, it's always a surprise. I read the next script and I'm like, ‘oh, great!'"

Tory: What's up with Shirley's ex on Community? He seems way too nice, I don't trust him.
Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) may have amnesia when it comes to her relationship with her ex but Malcolm Jamal Warner insists that Andre is, "really making an honest and genuine attempt at coming back and being a better man then what he has been in the past." Andre will be sticking around for a few episodes so time will tell if he's really as reformed as he says he is.

Zelda in Oregon: Any news on my favorite semi-Sapphic crimesolvers, Rizzoli & Isles?
Lorraine Bracco tells us, "We're going back into production at the end of March…I hope they follow the books because it's a lot of fun for me. Her husband cheats on her, and she starts to work at the police department, and makes her daughter crazy and I love that." Bracco says she gets along great with both Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander as well as "the love of my life, Jordan Bridges—I am in love with my fake son! Maybe a little too much. His wife is OK with it, though."

Misty in Alaska: I read that there might not be a season two of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I am freaking out. Please tell me, are the women coming back for another series? (Lisa is my fave!)
We can't tell you that it's officially confirmed that there will be a second season of RHOBH, or that everybody will be back—Bravo isn't ready to go there yet—but let's just say that TV Magic 8-Ball says, "All signs point to yes!" So fear not, Housewives fans, season two is all but guaranteed (have ya seen the crazy-good ratings?).

merder4ever82 (via Twitter): White Collar scoop!
Don't miss our interview with Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay about this winter season of White Collar. They were way scoopy, and they tease what's to come after the Music-Box Mystery wraps up in the season finale.

blacksoulgleek (via Twitter): Did you see @bfalchuk tweet about Brittana? Do you know something about this? He said Gwyneth will get them together...
Yes! For you who missed it, Glee executive producer Brad Falchuk tweeted: "Brittana is on. Brittana was always on. Episode 15—and Gwyneth is the one who gets them together..." Just when I thought Gwyneth P.'s Holly Holliday character couldn't be dipped in any more magic. As I mentioned several weeks ago, Brittany and Santana are going to have "developments," and the storyline in no way has been dropped. In other news only amusing to me, I got a call from fellow E! News fellow correspondent Jason Kennedy last week asking me how I got away with saying "ball check" on the show...when I was saying the aforementioned producer's last name. Ha!


Karina: I am so excited for the Glee Super Bowl episode I can barely stand it! Is it gonna be as awesome as I think?
According to Darren Criss...yes, and then some! "It is just one gagillion thousand jiggawatts of pure awesome entertainment and 100 miles an hour. If it doesn't pique your interest I don't know what's going to," he says to us. "The first 10 minutes are just crazy extravaganza of bells and whistles and explosions and stuff so it's almost going to be a halftime show, except a whole episode. A lot of cool numbers, and it's going to be a lot of fun." Reserve your seat on the couch now!

Heather11 (via Twitter): Please anything on Dianna Agron on Glee! I'm devastated over the news that Quinn and Sam will break up.
You and me both, sister! But from what I understand, there is still hope for a rekindling. In other D.A. news, I'm sort of dying that there were no paparrazzi pics of her at the airport after shooting the Super Bowl ep, cause Dianna herself tells us: " I had to go straight from set at about six-thirty in the morning to the airport to fly to New York for some work, and I didn't have time if I was going to make the plane to take down my hair and my make up…If you watch the episode, you see I have this Victorian crazy hair with bows and flowers and things like that and I was running through the airport and I got stopped by security because I had too many bobby pins in my hair! I almost missed my flight!"

MonicaL: Please tell me Glee will tone down the guest stars. I get Anne Hathaway, you can't say no to her, but now they have to make it stop!
Um, what about Chace Crawford, missy? For his sake, I say we let them do just one more...Chace has reportedly been talking to his buddy Matthew Morrison about wanting to do a guest spot on the show (a sketchy rumor I like so much, I'm going with it), and today I asked Gossip Girl boss Stephanie Savage if she'd be down to let Chace do a guest spot on the little Fox show. "We have never heard Chace sing or seen him dance but I think we would all love to watch him on Glee," she said. Chace is now officially number two on my wish list, behind Michael C. Hall as Rachel's dad. Who's with me?

Elle in Florida: Any scoop on Kurt and Blaine? #kurtblaineKISSalready
Just that Kurt's situation with Karofsky—you know, the bully who pushed him to transfer to the loving arms of Blaine over at Dalton—isn't over yet. Says Max Adler, who plays Karofsky, "I don't know that Dave knows that Blaine and Kurt have a little somethin'-somethin' going on, but obviously he knows [Kurt's] not at [McKinley High] anymore, and that will be brought up in the Super Bowl episode."

Sammi in New Mexico: Any scoop on Big Love?
Margene's huge reveal next week might be the end of the Henricksons in public life. It's something we should have seen coming, but well, we trusted her, too. And the week after that? Roman's youngest wife, Rhonda (tall drink of water Daveigh Chase) is back to put the screws to Alby.

rj_black( via Twitter): What's on the cards for Aria and Noel in Pretty Little Liars? I'm soooo team Noel.
With A sending Noel away in handcuffs, it looks like your team is out of the playoffs. But don't give up hope yet: Bad-boy Noel Kahn "will be back," executive producer I. Marlene King told us. "No one is ever gone for good" on Pretty Little Liars...even when they're dead.

David M. Russell/CBS

iwontfakeit (via Twitter): Anything on The Good Wife
Don't let the title of next week's episode ("Silly Season") fool you. There is nothing silly about Wendy (Anika Noni Rose) trying to get Peter (Chris Noth) to drop out of the race by threatening to expose some family secrets. Meanwhile, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) has her hands full with a client who confessed under duress (you're welcome for the rhyme) and a judge (Emmy-winning guest star Jane Alexander) who always takes a liking to defendants.

ISeeYourMind (via Twitter): Give up some Being Human info please!! 
We asked star Meaghan Rath where she expected the gang to go beyond the first meeting, and this is what she had to say: "You watch their struggle. There are very interesting storylines for each of us [coming up]. So, it's that in combination with how we are together as a core unit. It's heartbreaking and it's funny and it's scary and it's colorful and haunted and everything that it should be." Wow. Are you prepared for all those adjectives?

Tracy in New York: Anything good coming up on Hellcats?
And how! Aly Michalka is here to warn you that there is some real family drama ahead. "Marti starts to wonder about her dad and what his story is and why her mom didn't tell her certain things about him," she reveals to us. "And she starts to unveil these secrets and she goes seeking out information and that's where I meet A.J.'s [Michalka] character. She helps me find some stuff out about my family and helps me go on this journey to find out who my dad was and find out where he played and what kind of music he wrote and who he was as a guy."

Ceecile (via Twitter): I'm warming up to Off the Map. Got anything for me?
The hot docs are going to have their hands full (and wet) when they have to treat a patient underwater. Speaking of full hands, what's a girl to do when an ex shows up in the middle of the jungle and asks for a risky treatment? Zee (Valerie Cruz) is about to find out.

BBgirl (via Twitter): What's up with Alex and Michael? Will there be any hook-up there? I hope not because I want him with Nikita.
Then you will like this answer: I'm told no Alex/Michael hookup in the works because she's gonna be gettin' it on with new guy (and neighbor) Nathan.

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Roger in Ohio: Praise the peacock! Parks and Recreation back on NBC's Thursday night lineup is better than Nick Offerman's mustache. What's next?
First of all, nothing is better than Nick's mustache, so redact that foolish sentence. What's next is a bad case of the flu ripping through the Parks departments. It even hits Mr. Healthy himself, Chris (Rob Lowe). He doesn't take getting sick very well, but at least he has Ann (Rashida Jones) there to take care of him. Although, he does vomit in a drawer so...

Chloe in South Carolina: I'm loving the idea of Leslie and Ben getting together on Parks and Rec. Will we see any cute moments between the two?
Can we take a second to think about how adorable Adam Scott is?...OK, great. As for your question, you will get plenty of "awww!" situations between Ben and Leslie (Amy Poehler) as the gang prepares for the Harvest Festival. Look for an especially smitten kitten moment after Leslie gives a rousing speech while delirious with fever. 

JamieCoogan (via Twitter):  Is a One Tree Hill return for Danneel or Barbara possible before end of season?
A reliable source close to the show says no. Sorry! 

Donna: OK, I'm kind of in love with Perfect Couples. Can I get some spoilers?
Curious to see what the couples were like when they were just regular single people? You'll totally get the chance to experience the unattached versions of the gang with some flashback episodes. Who else is curious to see Rex (Hayes MacArthur) in his college party-boy days? 

Lucas: I know the next season of The Walking Dead isn't exactly around the corner, but can you tell me anything about what's coming up?
Unfortunately, the cast doesn't know much about the new episodes…and they're the ones starring in the show for zombie's sake! But the always-yummy Andrew Lincoln did his best to tell us what to expect in season two: "More sweat, more blood, more tears, more fears, just bring it! I think we can go darker and we found that there are strengths to the show and hopefully we focus on that." Sarah Wayne Callies concurs with her costar: "The success of the show gives us the opportunity to go darker than we have before, to push the envelope, go farther and make it even more dangerous."


Emily in California: Geez, Friday Night Lights almost killed me last week. And Tim Riggins is back home! It's only going to get better, right?
Friday Night Lights doesn't know any other way. It is lovely to see Taylor Kitsch back, but Tim returning to Becky's life kind of mucks up her relationship with Luke. Especially due to the fact that Riggins has a huge ol' chip on his shoulder. Can you blame him? And seeing his former teammate Brian "Smash" Williams (season three throwback!) playing college ball on TV doesn't help lift his spirits. It's not the best of times for Tim, but at least it leads to incredible scenes featuring Mr. Kitsch. Get ready for a blowout between Tim and his brother that will give you goosebumps.

Olivia in Alabama: Eric and Tami Taylor are my favorite married couple on TV. Probably ever. Any fun tidbits to share about them?
If you're a Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler fan (and who isn't?) you'll love the scene in the car as Eric drives Tami to the airport. So she can fly to Pennsylvania. To interview for a job. During the semi-finals. But Coach has got bigger problems than marital spats—and that's budget cuts. And it's a big problem. Like, there might not be an East Dillon football team next year kind of problem.

Cory in California: Justified scoop, please!
Natalie Zea is gonna be hurtin' this season. "Well, I get kicked in the face," she laughs to us. "We just shot an episode that borders on French farce. I was a rag doll and got grabbed a lot and thrown a lot. And I got slammed into Timothy really hard and that was awful." Being pressed up against Timothy Olyphant does sound simply torturous. Natalie also told us that fans should expect a "slow burn" with Winona. "You do get a little more insight into the relationship they had and she gets to have a little more fun."

George in Texas: Big Bang Theory news, please!
Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar described what's coming up with two words: "more awesomeness." Need more words than that? Well, they gushed about the big dance number coming up and how the episode featuring Josh Malina and Jessica Walter will be pretty much incredible. All that does in fact equal more awesomeness. We checked.

TooCool_2012 (via Twitter): I need some 90210 scoop. Is Charlie going to find out that Annie had sex with Liam? I really want Annie and Liam together.
Per my source, Charlie will find out they want to be together. Drama!

Heather: On Grey's, is Callie's baby going to make it and what will this mean for our favorite couple?
Um, make that couples, mamacita! Plural! There are obviously going to be some complicated repercussions for both Callie and Arizona, and Lexie and Mark, and Callie and Mark (duh!) because of this bambino on the way. And L+M will have further drama when he does something sneaky at work in order to get the 411 on her. Also, can we just say poor Lexie and Meredith!? When Thatcher (their father) reappears with a health condition and a new girlfriend who is totally inappropriate in every way, this is what it's gonna end up looking like:


John in Tucson: Is Mark Pellegrino coming back to Supernatural?
Speak of the devil! We just asked Mark, who is now starring on Being Human (for which writer Jeremy Carver left Supernatural to helm), this very question. "I think that in the Supernatural realm anything is possible," Mark told us, "but in the same token, it seems as if Lucifer used up the vessel. I was falling apart!" Mark laughed and added, "I'm hoping Nick has a resurgence and becomes a devil hunter."

BedazzleCats (via Twitter): This is a big day for Castle fans, so if you've got any good Castle spoilers please share.
Big day? You aren't referring to the long awaited Castle/Beckett kiss, are you? Get excited! Tonight's episode has it all, Beckett and Castle as great working team, a kidnapping, torture and most importantly, a steamy kiss that leaves even the most seasoned TV watcher's heart aflutter. It's so steamy there's no way Castle or Beckett will forget it anytime soon. Nor will we!

Ceecile: What will happen with Seth on Brothers & Sisters?
He'll be back! I'm told Seth (the always a-freaking-dorable Ryan Devlin) is coming back for an episode they're shooting right about now, and though there'll be more verbal sparring with Kitty (Calista Flockhart), they're pretty darn cute together. In other B&S news, Olivia's brother will come back for custody of her, but fret not, I think Scotty and Kevin will win this round.

John: What's up with the chemistry between Hank and his new lady lawyer on Californication?
The banter is sexy, right? Carla Gugino, who plays super smart attorney Abby Rhoads, says, "She definitely puts him in his place and I think that's attractive to Hank…they're a little more alike then they'd like to admit. And then things get complicated." Add in statutory rape charges and attorney-client privilege and things are going to get very complicated.

Madeline in New Zealand: I love Two and a Half Men. Please tell me they aren't going to cancel it.
Don't worry, the Men are still in production, at least for now. Right now they're working on an episode where Charlie tries to escape from Rose's pissed-off husband by shacking up in a sleazy hotel in the Valley. And hey, yay for any episode that remotely involves Melanie Lynskey!

Delia in Grand Rapids, Mich.: Any scoop on my fave series Raising Hope?
Shannon Woodward (love her!), who plays Jimmy's love interest Sabrina, spilled about some great upcoming guest stars. She says, "Amy Sedaris plays Martha's cousin who comes back and wants Burt to give her some action. Who knew? It's pretty weird. There's lots of great stuff. And J.K. Simmons plays Burt's brother, Bruce, the mattress king. There seems to be brotherly tension. I think there's a fistfight at some point." A J.K. Simmons-Garret Dillahunt fistfight? Outstanding!

James: Any news on CSI: Miami?
Hey, did you see that 60 Minutes segment where Lesley Stahl showed us that Marilu Henner has the weird, neurological notable ability to remember exactly where she was on November 13, 1978 (and pretty much every other single day of her entire life?). Well, CSI: Miami is turning that story about that ability into a TV episode, because that's what they do over there. Producers are now casting for an actor to play a crime witness with hyperthymesia, i.e. superior autobiographical recall.

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—Additional reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Jenna Mullins, Drusilla Moorhouse, Christina Dowling