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Dear Joan:
Which dress do you pick if you are going to the Golden Globes and you have both a ballgown and a sleek petite dress?

Dear Undecided:

It depends on so many things—your age, your height, the design of the dress. Angelina Jolie looked adopt-another-orphan gorgeous in her floor-length Versace. Julianne Moore also went for length, but she ripped off her right sleeve and it looked like s--t. Go figure.

Dear Joan:
I love the jacket with the fur trim you are wearing on the Golden Globes Fashion Police. Who is the designer? Love the show, too, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. You are right on every time! Keep it coming.

Dear LOLZ:
Thank you. We have a great time, I'm glad that comes through. And the jacket was from my friends at Somper Furs.

Dear Joan:
Nude and flesh tones seem to be popular this season, but so many people look washed out or overdone when wearing them. What are some ways to own this look without looking like a corpse or a clown?

Dear Curious:
If you wear something that's too close to your own skin tone, that'll wash you out. But there's a whole palette of neutrals to play around with: beige, sand, caramel, rose gold, blush. And nude pumps are always a winner: the color makes your legs look longer and leaner.

Dear Joan:
I'm a 17-year-old girl who's 5'9" and I love high-heel shoes. Too bad for me all the boys I know are shorter than me when I wear them. Should I keep wearing them or tone it down a little till they hit a growth spurt?

Dear Legs:
Keep wearing those heels! The boys will catch up soon and you'll be glad you stuck to your favorite style shoes. Unless, of course, Tom Cruise is paying you millions to crouch down!

Dear Joan:
I just want to mention that Giuliana's dress for Fashion Police from the Golden Globes was AMAZING!!! Who was her designer? I only caught the end of the show.

Dear G. Fan:
Didn't she look great? Giuliana started in a dress by Julia Clancey for the preshow and then changed into a strapless Zac Posen gown with Christian Louboutin heels and Ippolita earrings for the red carpet.

Dear Joan:
What do you think about harem pants?

Dear Harem Queen:
They serve a purpose. M.C. Hammer wouldn't be able to get dressed in the morning without them.

Dear Joan:
I would like to know who you are wearing. I loved the studded jacket you wore on Jan.14. I definitely have not found it on the Q. Thanks. P.S. LOVE THE SHOW.
—Julie Ann 

Dear Fashion Fan:
Love you! As for that jacket, it's Givenchy. Isn't it great?!

Dear Joan:
My husband is 32 and he still dresses like a teenager in T-shirts and Burton snowboarding clothes. His jeans are always almost falling down, showing his underwear. I would really like him to wear something nicer. But to tell the truth, he looks awkward in more formal clothes, like suits or even jumpers. How can I help him change his style so he looks more presentable?

Dear Super Stylist:
It's nice that your husband's got you in his corner, but it doesn't sound like either one of you has figured out his most flattering style yet. Why not flip through some men's magazines, like GQ or Details, to find a look he likes? It could be just a matter of upgrading those jeans and T-shirts he wears to slightly trendier (and less revealing!) versions.

Dear Joan:
Where can I find the bronze choker/necklace and bracelet you were wearing on this past Friday's show? 

Dear FP Follower:
The jewelry was a combination of my own Joan Rivers Classics Collection and the very talented Loree Rodkin.

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