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Stunning Mila Kunis may be currently single, but that doesn't mean she's on the hunt for a new man.

Despite getting her flirt on with Jake Gyllenhaal at CAA's Golden Globes afterparty, the Black Swan hottie is still on the market. Considering how her ex Macaulay Culkin has been behaving with a Spanish porn star, can ya blame her?

But could these babes really be getting back together? Here's the scoop on Mila's love life:

First things first…

"He's too Hollywood for her," sasses a pal close to Kunis on the Gyllenhaal flirtation. "[Jake and Mila] have been friends for a while, that's it.

"She's not one for a high-profile relationship," adds the good friend. "She barely talked about [Macaulay,] and that was just to her very close friends. She's not into the tabloid romance."

Somehow, we think the news may disappoint Jakey.

Gyllenhaal may have had dinner (non-cuddly, mind you) with Taylor Swift recently, but we can assure you those two aren't back together.

But do Macaulay and Mila have a shot at going for round two?

"I wouldn't be surprised if they did, eventually, but they broke up for a reason," continues Mila's pal rather coyly.

Remember, Kunis' inner circle was surprised when she split with the Home Alone star, and they are all staying mum on the issue.

Wonder if that has anything to do with Irene Lopez?

She's the porno chick Culkin was hanging with at Bagdad, a live sex club in Barcelona, who wouldn't exactly give the low-down on their relationship. All a sorce said on the sitch was, "What happens in Bagdad stays in Bagdad."


Good thing, Culkin's rep strongly denies the two aren't an item. Glad to hear it!

Kunis is such a catch! By far the one to watch in Hollywood right now, talent-wise and just general oomph-wise. Maybe that was the issue in her relaysh with Culkin? Just saying, there aren't many dudes in this town that can handle a babe fast on the rise (especially when his wattage is dubious, at best).

Just ask Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank or Charlize Theron.

Need we say more?

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