George Clooney doesn't mind getting his picture taken. He just doesn't want to look dumb doing it.

Of course one of the biggest movie stars in the world has gotten (somewhat) used to the idea of paparazzi following his every move. But he does draw the line with the photogs at a certain point, he tells Piers Morgan in an interview airing tonight.

What's his specific beef with the paps?

After Clooney's big malaria revelation, Morgan asked him where the line is for him when it comes to being followed and photographed in his everyday life, calling him one of the "most photographed guys in the world" and wondering where Clooney's boundaries are.

"You know, where you draw the line? I don't know where you draw the line," Clooney tells him, but then reveals what really gets under his skin. "I always, you know, I'm disturbed by the idea that you're not trying to catch me doing something stupid, you're trying to create me doing something stupid."

Come on, how can this guy ever look stupid? Well, he can sometimes still have to control himself when these guys taunt him.

"When I'm walking through an airport, you got a camera in front of me and you ask me, 'Hey, who's the fat girl you're walking next to?' or something like that. That's not trying to catch me doing something dumb, that's trying to make me do something dumb."

The interview airs tonight on CNN.

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