We hope you're ready for the thought of phone calls giving you chills again, because that's what's gonna start happening.

The full trailer for Scream 4 is upon us and not only is Ghostface back and using the sound of a ringing phone as his weapon of choice in sparking suspense, he's also hijacked the Marimba ringtone! We truly aren't safe anywhere! Ready for goosebumps? Check out the trailer...

This trailer is everything we love about the series: scary, funny and suspense-y...plus, those easy-on-the-eyes castmembers aren't that bad either. David Arquette has never been better with the campy humor as Dewey Riley (he's learning he can't control the internet, poor guy), and Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts are perfect a pair that Ghostface sets his murderous sights on...and Hayden's clearly worried that virgins are no longer in the clear. They used to be off limits according to the horror-movie code, but that's so '90s.

Fortunately, there's a class presentation on the new methods of murder that today's Web 2.0 serial killer can employ. It's truly eye-opening. Aside from the new virgin modification, the killer must also videotape their, um, activities.

But the best moment? That would be Hayden rattling off the name of every horror movie ever made (even House of Wax!) when she's given a pop quiz that could ultimately save her life if she answers correctly. Think it works out?

Scream 4 hits theaters April 15.

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