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After the Glee Golden Globe Q&A showdown, during which you could all see and hear Lea Michele's squeaky voice pinpoint you know who as the Ted Casablanca from E!, I've been running the repercussions of the events through my big, snotty head.

As I try to dodge the imaginary "somethings" a castmate suggested Lea throw at me (aside from her adorably PO'ed darting eyes), I'm wondering if some good could come from this semi-tiff.

I'm thinking what you're thinking, too, Ryan Murphy:

A Glee gossip-columnist role to help stir up that annoyingly perky cast of yours!

I can see it now. Nosy muckraker running through the halls of William McKinley High, playing deceitful teacher's pet to Matthew Morrison, and then finishing it off with a solo performance of his (or her) version of Lindsay Lohan's "Rumors,"  based on all the teeny dirt that's been discovered!

Lea would probably cut in, though. Let's be real, her vocals are killer, almost as good as LiLo's.


Plus, if Kim Kardashian thinks she has a shot at making a guest appearance on Fox's most raved about show, why not let another upstart in on the fun, too?

Doubtful, I know. But a gossip columnist can always dream—and I'm not talking about making BFFs with the whispering whino Michele, more like showing you all how fab my vocals are.

Do you think I'm ready for my close-up, or should someone else fill in? It's cool if you think the mole-role should go to somebody else; I'm not one to throw a diva-fied fit, in the end.

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