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The older Cruella St. Shackles gets, the weirder this broad becomes. She's shocked Hollywood a number of times with erratic movie choices, her boobs, her venom, her dubious choice in men, hell, even her damn clothes constantly get attacked—or worshipped.

And, weirdly enough, Cruella's begun doing some of her best acting work in ages. Which is always a sign that her personal life is a disaster:

"She's busy telling the world how great her family life is," reveals a very-inside Cruella camper, "and, you can believe it's not."

Yep, while Cruella tells any media rag that'll listen how simple and homey her big-star life really is, just the opposite is true. The broad's kids are messes (in many regards), the husband's cheating and drugging again and the bitch is getting treated horribly by her own damn mother!

Jeez, we're starting to almost feel sorry for the tough old star, but, sorry, not quite.

And the surest sign that Cruella's close to cracking? In deciding how best to cope with her crapfest of a life (much of which she brought on herself by treating everyone within her reach like roach turds), C's decided the best method will be…beating everybody to the tabloid punch.

In other words, she knows former members of her team are threatening to not only write books about her, but, just rip her to shreds, period. She also knows it's only a matter of time before the media becomes more aware of her myriad lies, including the ones about her physical appearance.

So, bit by bit, Cruella has decided to start telling half-truths about her "truths." To the press.

They've already started to get out. But, we should tell Cruella she shouldn't have bothered.

It's only going to make things worse.

And It Ain't:

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