X-Men: Why Doctor Was Called to Set (It Wasn't Pretty)

Ew! Jennifer Lawrence reveals why her skin was crawling during the making of the next installment of the superhero movie franchise

By Marc Malkin Jan 20, 2011 11:15 PMTags
Jennifer LawrenceROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Playing Mystique in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie really got under Jennifer Lawrence's skin—literally.

And it was—there's no real polite way to stay this—gross!

How so? Read on to find out…

"I got a couple of things from the paint," Lawrence tells me, referring to the body makeup used to transform her into the blue-skinned superhero.

Like what kind of things?

"Like weird boils, rashes and blisters," Lawrence explains.

At one point, a doctor visited her on set. "She had to pop them," Lawrence says.

OK, I just threw up a little, so enough about that.

"Making the movie was great because the whole cast, we all—legitimately!—really loved each other," said Lawrence, an awards-season favorite this year for her work in Winter's Bone. "It was just kind of like being at a really bizarre summer camp because we were around each other 24/7 for months and months and months."

Including the seven female makeup artists responsible for turning her blue, a grueling process that took about eight hours every day.

"Nothing's sacred anymore," Lawrence says in the new issue of the Hollywood Reporter. "Those girls and I got so close. They were painting me naked every day for months. It was kind of like going to a really bizarre sleepover."