Paris Hilton, Cy Waits, Mugshot

Time to face the music.

Paris Hilton's enduring boytoy Cy Waits is facing up to four years in prison stemming from his infamous arrest over the summer.

This, according to a criminal complaint that was filed in Clark County Court today against the former Wynn and Encore nightclub manager.

So what are the charges he's up against?

Well, first the good news: Waits is listed in the complaint as having acted polite and cooperative the night of his arrest, but (bad news time) smelling like booze and wobbling with bloodshot eyes.

Because he has long been released, a summons has been issued for his appearance in court at a hearing set for Feb. 17.

So what's he facing?

First up, a felony for being found under the influence of a controlled substance, which carries a sentence of 1-4 years (or, if there are no prior convictions, mandatory probation), along with a fine of up to $5,000. He's also been slapped with a misdemeanor DUI, which carries anywhere from two days to six months in jail, plus community service, classes and a maximum fine of $600. Rounding out the trifecta is misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance (he had less than 1 ounce of marijuana), which carries either a maximum fine of $600 or, should the judge choose, drug counseling.

As for what caused the legal headache to begin with: Hilton and Waits were cruising down the Vegas Strip last August when cops saw what they believed was marijuana smoke emanating from the windows. They searched the SUV and found a small amount of cocaine in someone else's purse on Paris.

Hilton, 29, and Waits, 34, were quickly booked into the Clark County jail. She was charged on a count of felony cocaine possession and plead guilty to two misdemeanors. She was released a few hours later without having to post bail. Waits, well, time will tell what happens to him.

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